What if we could redefine what makes a garden beautiful?

That was the question that led to the creation of Beautiful Wildlife Garden. We came together as a team, a group of wildlife gardeners from around the country to begin a conversation to redefine beauty in the garden and celebrate the nature and wildlife to be found when we choose to share our space with birds, butterflies, pollinators, bats, and other wildlife.

We are a team of gardeners who love nature and have devoted our gardens to creating welcoming habitat for wildlife. We see beauty in the hum of a hummingbirds wings, the intricacy of a spider’s web, the acrobatic flight of dragonflies, and the delicate flight of the butterflies.

We use methods that respect the environment and cause no harm to ecosystems around us. We know that natural resources need to be used wisely. And we choose the most appropriate regionally native plants to entice more wildlife to find food and shelter in our gardens.

It is often said that wildlife gardens are too Wild looking, while others fear the insects and other critters who find a welcome oasis in our gardens. We want to discuss these issues, and to show that these are beautiful and welcome additions to our gardens. We want to have a conversation about the benefits of wildlife in the garden: to redefine beautiful.

Our goal is to build a voice in the gardening community that brings wildlife gardening into the common vernacular, on equal footing with ornamental gardening or vegetable gardening. And we’d like to show that none are mutually exclusive.

And we’d be thrilled to have you join us in this conversation!

Our Mission:

To redefine beautiful, To start a positive conversation, To become stewards of our properties, To help wildlife in our gardens

To choose plants that help wildlife, To plant more native plants, To remove invasive plants

To talk about the birds and the bees  (And the flowers and the trees), To encourage bugs, To plant for butterflies, To love frogs and toads, To welcome bats

To practice sustainable landscaping, To use water wisely, To use no harmful chemicals

To Show that all of this is BEAUTIFUL!

Get to Know Us

We’ve produced a series of interviews with the team. These podcasts highlight the reasons each of us became interested in gardening for wildlife and contain simple tips to help you get started.

You can also find all articles written by each of us individually, or by our location and the team archives page.

Help Spread the Word

We  have created a widget (badge) for you and encourage everyone to copy and paste the code in the sidebar of their blog  to show your support for creating beautiful wildlife gardens.

PS– Thanks to all who are already proudly displaying their passion for wildlife gardening. We appreciate your support!

Get In Touch With Us


We would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions here. And thank you for joining in the conversation.
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