It’s Goldfinch Season

American Goldfinch on Pokeweed

Have you been noticing lots of Goldfinches in your wildlife garden this fall? I’ve been regularly spotting a flock of over 30 American Goldfinch in my backyard wildlife garden and the abandoned property next door, which has become quite weedy and filled with Pokeweed, Cutleaf Coneflower, Common Milkweed, Boneset, and much more. Gone is the […]

Duckweed For Wildlife

Frog in Duckweed sm

Duckweed is the smallest flowering plant in the US If you have a wildlife pond, I’m sure you’re familiar with Duckweed (Lemna minor) as it can quickly cover the surface of your pond. Duckweed is commonly found in ponds, lakes, marshes, and slow moving streams. In streams where the water moves more quickly, the Duckweed is […]

Baldcypress Ecosystem

Great Blue Heron in tree at Trap Pond State Park

Birding in Delaware at Trap Pond State Park, a baldcypress ecosystem. After a wonderful trip aboard the Mummichog II for the Cape Water Taxi Ecotour to explore the ecosystem of the Indian River Bay in southeastern Delaware, today we headed to southwestern Delaware to explore a fresh water ecosystem. Trap Pond State Park, near Laurel, […]

If I Just Stop Mowing, Can I Get a Wildflower Meadow?

Milkweed Beetle sm

A beautiful wildflower meadow is one of the best gifts you can give to butterflies and native pollinators in your wildlife garden. But the question is, can you achieve this by simply stopping mowing your lawn? Well, the idea of reducing your lawn is wonderful, especially if you are adding lots of native plants that […]

Native Bleeding Heart

Dicentra eximia Bleeding Heart 3 sm

There are 6 native species of Bleeding Heart family (Dicentra spp) in the US, and one other that is wildly popular, and widely assumed to be native, but is actually from northern China. The Dicentra genus of plants are spring woodland ephemerals, blooming on the forest floor before the tree canopy leafs out. They thrive in moist conditions […]

What To Plant For Wildlife In Your Garden


As I travel around the country speaking at conferences about Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife, the question I get asked most frequently is “What should I plant?” The easy answer is that you should add lots of locally native plants to your wildlife garden because over thousands of years wildlife has developed interdependent relationships with these […]

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