Dead Wood is Not Dead Weight

Wood 3 Moss sm

Dead wood from trees provides abundant habitat for wildlife in your garden. We talk often of the value of native trees in your wildlife garden. Trees provide all manner of ecosystem services, and provide food and shelter for many different kinds of wildlife. In fact, native trees support vastly larger numbers of different species of […]

Cattails For Wildlife

Cattail Seed landscape sm

  Cattails (Typha spp) are a wetland plant that provides food and habitat for wildlife including birds, frogs and toads, muskrats and more. Last week I visited Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, MD and was a bit surprised to observe the Cattails releasing their fluffy seeds into the wind in late December. Usually the […]

Is It Time to Take Down The Hummingbird Feeders?

Ruby-throated-Hummingbird watermark

How late should I leave my hummingbird feeders up in the fall? There is a myth among some wildlife gardeners that leaving your hummingbird feeders up too late in the fall will entice the hummingbirds to hang around when they should be migrating. But this is simply not true. Hummingbirds don’t decide to hang around […]

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