Yellow And Blue Rings True

Helianthus porterii 021a

Yellow and blue flower combinations are some of the most appealing and at no time is that more apparent in the native wildflower world than in late summer and early fall. I find myself compelled to take pictures when I find them together – if only to capture some of that magic for another day. […]

Native Plants Beyond the Garden

Sea oats 285

I love having native plants in my garden. Every moment that I can do so finds me slipping into the garden to find a beautiful flower, a hummingbird sipping on cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), an insect collecting food or collecting prey, and to listen to the sweet song of birds. As much as I love […]

Native Fireworks

Monarda didyma, beebalm

As we celebrate the American Independence Day holiday, several native flowers appear to be celebrating with us. These summer bloomers are bursting out with tempting floral sprays that beckon insects to them. Here they are in all the colors of our traditional fireworks: red, white, blue … and yellow/gold. All blooming now! The happy splay […]

Rudbeckia – Old-Fashioned Favorite

Rudbeckia hirta

Remember the good ol’ flowers of yesteryear – as kids we picked bouquets of daisies, black-eyed Susans, Queen Anne’s lace, buttercups … whatever we could find. Those black-eyed Susans were the only native ones in that bunch and their bold colors made them a real standout. Black-eyed Susan is generally the plant classified as Rudbeckia […]

Flowers Aren’t Just Pretty Things

flame azalea 3689a

Flowers have a purpose in this world. Most of them are pretty and humans get a lot of enjoyment from admiring them and smelling their fragrance. I’m a sucker for a good looking one too. Yet I think that most of us know that flowers are part of nature’s plan to procreate itself. Of course […]

Thanks, Trees!

tree silhouette

Although the National Arbor Day celebration is in April, states throughout the US have their own designated dates for Arbor Day. The reason for this is optimal planting time. In Georgia and Florida, for example, trees should be planted quite a bit earlier than the last Friday in April. In states with snow on the […]

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