NH White Mountains: Nature’s Original Beautiful Wildlife Garden

Granite outcropping at the summit of Loon Mountain. Photo copyright Ellen Sousa/THBFarm.com

    “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower“(Camus) Last week my husband and I travelled 150 miles from our home in central Massachusetts, across 4 different “eco-zones”, to the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire…a beautiful wild “rock garden” designed mostly by time (billions of years) and nature. If you’re […]

Garden Fuzzy-Wuzzies

sumac seeds

Remember the childhood rhyme: Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no Hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t Fuzzy, Was He? I never really understood what it meant either, but it was an appealing saying for a kid who loved soft and fuzzy stuff such as the down on a newly hatched chick, the velvety-soft nose of […]

New Life for Old Trees

red maple foliage IMG_1636

Almost a year ago to the day, we had a major early season snow storm that dumped 18″ of wet snow on our central MA farm. I wrote about it at When Life Gives You Storm Damage, Make Habitat and lamented the fact that we had lost a beautiful red maple near our barn, which was […]

Can Vegetable Gardens be Wildlife-Friendly?

Vegetable gardens at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens -  colorful, whimsical, functional and friendly to the "good bugs" that eat garden pests!

Do you grow vegetables at home? If so, I’m sure you don’t welcome wildlife into your veggie patches. Rabbits, groundhogs, deer, slugs, you name it, there’s some animal just waiting to devour your plantings and destroy all your hard work. Fencing (or a resident dog on duty 24/7) is usually the only way to keep […]

Hello, I Must be Going…or Late Summer Migrations through New England

Look at the lower underwings of the painted lady for the 4 "eye spots"

It’s late summer in New England, and if you’ve spent any time outdoors in the past few weeks, you’ve probably witnessed the movements of the winged wildlife that are beginning to work their way to their winter homes. Flocks of Common Nighthawks are swooping the open skies at dawn and dusk, filling up on the […]

New England Native Shrubs for Pollinators – New Jersey Tea

New Jersey Tea flowers busy with pollinators

Summer is finally here in New England! Many of our flowering plants are in their full summer glory and pollinators are actively visiting the nectar-rich blooms.  As always, where there are lots of insects present, birds and other predators are also there to take advantage of the abundance. A few weeks ago, pollinator activity here […]

Native Goatsbeard – Pollinator Plant Extraordinaire

Goatsbeard flowers alive with pollinator activity

It’s National Pollinator Week in the US! Let’s all tip our hats to the superheroes of the natural world, the pollinating insects, birds and other animals who enable 75% of flowering plants to set seed and reproduce, and many of our food plants to produce their crops! We need our pollinators! But pollinators need more […]

Raising a Silkworm Moth – Part 2

Beautiful markings on body and wings

Loyal readers may remember my posting last September, when I wrote about raising a Cecropia Moth caterpillar named Czech. Here he was, in his caterpillar prime, munching on wild cherry leaves in our mudroom in July: Well, I’m very happy to report that Czech, cozily wrapped in a silk cocoon of its own making, made […]

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