From the New York Botanical Garden


Recently I attended a symposium at the New York Botanical Garden called, The Changing Nature of Nature in Cities. I was especially curious to hear Emma Marris, author of The Rambunctious Garden speak, and I wasn’t disappointed. I promised last month to write about the symposium’s content. Honestly, I’m still digesting the message from the […]

A Monarch Waystation in a Mall’s Landscaping


At the Healthy Living Market, which occupies the old JC Penny’s space in the Wilton Mall of Saratoga Springs, NY, there is a new Monarch Waystation site. I had the privilege of doing a landscape renovation to the surrounding island beds and sidewalk gardens this spring. We included many native perennials, and cumulatively the site […]

Butterfly Gardening With the Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve


This spring I was delighted to be contacted for a dream project: the volunteers from a nature preserve in Scenectady, NY contacted me to design a butterfly garden for the preserve. The Woodlawn Nature Preserve is a part of the connected Pine Grove ecosystem, aka the “Albany Pine Bush,” which is a series of geographically […]

A Courtyard Butterfly Garden at the Elementary School


Planting Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) for Monarch butterfly habitat! I was approached last year by a local elementary school’s gardening advocate, a parent who heads up a gardening club for about 25 children. The school garden is located inside a courtyard, and landscape renovations have been underway there for several years. The kids were excited […]

Wildlife Gardening Medicine, episode II


A week and a half ago I posted an article about Wildlife Gardening Medicine. This is the concept that by adding native plants and eliminating chemical use in our properties (and by extension our ecosystems), we can seamlessly introduce habitat restoration to our communities. And the concept goes further- there is rich natural history in […]

Wildlife Gardening Medicine


When healing from the worst flu I’ve experienced in years became my entire schedule this week, I had to shift gears with my post for today. I’ve decided to write about something that’s fascinated me for years, but is categorically ancillary to the conversation we usually have in this space about wildlife gardening. Herbal medicine […]

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