Wildlife Gardening Medicine, episode II


A week and a half ago I posted an article about Wildlife Gardening Medicine. This is the concept that by adding native plants and eliminating chemical use in our properties (and by extension our ecosystems), we can seamlessly introduce habitat restoration to our communities. And the concept goes further- there is rich natural history in […]

Wildlife Gardening Medicine


When healing from the worst flu I’ve experienced in years became my entire schedule this week, I had to shift gears with my post for today. I’ve decided to write about something that’s fascinated me for years, but is categorically ancillary to the conversation we usually have in this space about wildlife gardening. Herbal medicine […]

Wildlife Gardening in Rivendell


Last month marked a year that I’ve been writing for Beautifulwildlifegarden.com, and most of my blogpost contributions have been about wildlife gardening projects I’ve done for other people on their properties. Until three months ago, my husband and I were renting and my activity in wildlife gardening was limited to my landscape design clients. But […]

More About the Lyme Tick Nurseries


Last week on the other website where I write, an article was published called “Please Stop with the Lyme Tick Nurseries.” The tick nursery analogy is the result of a correlation between invasive, exotic Japanese Barberry in a given region and an increase in Borrelia burgdorferi infected ticks, as studied by researchers at the University […]

November Gratitude, Wildlife Gardening Style


It’s November and the internet is jam packed with gratitude gifs and memes, on a wide spectrum from saccharine to sincere. I’ve seen so much beauty and positive changes in my own life’s trajectory over the past calendar year that the only sane response is to express gratitude whenever and wherever possible. Here is a […]

Scenes from the librarian’s wildlife garden


Scenes from the librarian’s wildlife garden There is a handful of people who were influential back when I was still in school and trying to configure my passion for habitat gardening into a career. One of them was the lovely head research librarian at the community college I then attended; her resourcefulness coupled with a […]

Bog Habitat Gardening Inspiration


Bog Habitat Gardening Inspiration In one of my college ecology classes, I remember doing some field work in a bog habitat in the southern Adirondack region of New York state. Bogs: “though similar to swamps or marshes, are a distinctive kind of wetland where peat forms from dead plant matter,” the BBC nature website explains. […]

Corporate habitat garden project


Corporate Habitat Garden Project In Clifton Park, NY (southern Saratoga county) on Route 9, a savvy financial advisor has been watching trends in landscaping. Deborah Christopher, whose Edward Jones office is located in a strip mall on State Route 9, heard about prominent entomologist Douglas Tallamy’s research and ecological trend-setting for redefining curb appeal to […]

Urban Hummingbird Gardens


Recently I wrote about an urban wildlife garden design I constructed; today I revisited an urban hummingbird garden sanctuary designed in the summer of 2012 in downtown Glens Falls, NY. The concept of giving city dwelling wildlife a safe space to feed, drink, hide and reproduce in wildlife gardens is an exceptional one. Utilizing different […]

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