From the New York Botanical Garden


Recently I attended a symposium at the New York Botanical Garden called, The Changing Nature of Nature in Cities. I was especially curious to hear Emma Marris, author of The Rambunctious Garden speak, and I wasn’t disappointed. I promised last month to write about the symposium’s content. Honestly, I’m still digesting the message from the […]

A Monarch Waystation in a Mall’s Landscaping


At the Healthy Living Market, which occupies the old JC Penny’s space in the Wilton Mall of Saratoga Springs, NY, there is a new Monarch Waystation site. I had the privilege of doing a landscape renovation to the surrounding island beds and sidewalk gardens this spring. We included many native perennials, and cumulatively the site […]

Butterfly Gardening With the Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve


This spring I was delighted to be contacted for a dream project: the volunteers from a nature preserve in Scenectady, NY contacted me to design a butterfly garden for the preserve. The Woodlawn Nature Preserve is a part of the connected Pine Grove ecosystem, aka the “Albany Pine Bush,” which is a series of geographically […]

A Courtyard Butterfly Garden at the Elementary School


Planting Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) for Monarch butterfly habitat! I was approached last year by a local elementary school’s gardening advocate, a parent who heads up a gardening club for about 25 children. The school garden is located inside a courtyard, and landscape renovations have been underway there for several years. The kids were excited […]

Spring Is Definitely Coming Soon


Spring is coming soon here in north-eastern New York, I’m convinced of it. As I write on March 27th, there’s a foot of snow and our walkways are solid ice but I’m a believer. I believe in the concept of “spring.” So far this March, as winter drags on, I’ve fielded calls for my landscaping […]

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