Regionally Appropriate or Native Plant – Is there a Difference?

Agastaches can be both a Native and a Regionally Appropriate plant depending on your point of view.

Soon it will be that time of year again when gardener types are looking through catalogs, dreaming about plants, maybe even sketching up a plan or talking to a garden designer. Web searches are made, books are read, and sometimes hands are wrung. For some people, the question comes up in their mind:  “Should I be […]

Too Close for Comfort

This very large Black Bear was a bit too close for comfort, staring at me 20 feet from the back door.

This summer has been one of extremes – extreme house makeover, extreme heat and drought, extreme fires and extreme wildlife visitors to our yard. It’s been a summer that we like to hope does not happen on a regular basis. It’s also been a summer that has shown me just how interconnected our wildlife friends […]

The Well Diversified Garden

Take a drive around almost any neighborhood in the USA, and you’ll see the same thing. Yards are all green and boring, each having a nicely mown lawn, a few shrubs, some juniper or other pine trees, a nice ornamental tree or two and some petunias or other annuals for color. Then every once in […]

Should the Sign Come Down?

I have proudly had a "Certified Wildlife Habitat" logo on my Gardening for Nature blog for several years. Now what should I do with it? What does it mean now?

Sometimes organizations make decisions that are simply too far out there to understand. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) just made one of those decisions. The NWF has decided to partner with the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. That’s right, the non-profit organization whose logo is “Wildlife Promise” and has a mission statement of “Inspiring Americans to protect […]

Dreaming and Designing

Last Fall this compost area was flattened for a garden. Now, what to plant in it this spring?

January in the Rockies is cold, sometimes snowy, and definitely non-gardening weather. It’s the Dreaming Season in the Wildlife Garden. It’s too early to start seeds in the sunroom, the ground is too frozen to dig in, and while many parts of the country have beautiful blooms already, the gardens here are happily sleeping. My […]

Winter Watering Mother Nature Style

Moisture from freshly fallen snow is far better than anything that comes out of a hose.

I have a confession to make: I never winter water. Oh no, you must be thinking, how can she not follow all of the gardening guidelines spread across the internet and written in books by many famous gardeners? Well, once again I look to Mother Nature’s teachings when tending to my own wildlife garden. Taking […]

My Friendly Red Fox

Red Fox stretching in between snoozing outside of my basement window.

I love watching wildlife, especially when they are right in my own wildlife garden. Some of the wildlife I see on a daily basis, while others only rarely grace my yard with their beautiful presence. For the past several months our friends the Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) have been missing from the neighborhood. Where they went […]

Going to Sleep

Shadows of now dormant natives reflect upon turned over pots in the gardens.

Shorter days, colder temps and crisper air all signal the start of sleepy time in the wildlife gardens. Just like out in nature the plants in my gardens seem to know when it’s time to go to sleep for the winter. Putting on new hues of golds, reds and browns they slowly get ready for […]

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