Florida Winter Birds

The Catbirds continue to enjoy Sumac fruit as it dries

I’ve had two recent avian visitors that for me are a real treat.  You see migrating birds aren’t exclusively a phenomenon of northern climes.  Florida also has migratory visitors, some merely passing through and some that stay a few months but don’t breed here. If you prepare a Florida winter wildlife garden to their liking, […]

Arbor Day? Yes! And It’s All About Florida Trees!

A live oak provided the perfect nesting spot for Mourning Doves

Florida weather puts us ahead of the April National Arbor Day planting curve.  The third Friday of January is officially designated as Florida Arbor Day (in Louisiana too!).   Tis our dry season, so I suppose we plant now to get the roots reaching deep for water before rainy season hits and makes it easy.  This […]

Planthoppers: Coming to a Lilypad Near You

Finally! a clear shot of an later stage nymph

I’m always trying to think ahead of ideas for articles here at Beautiful Wildlife Garden and Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens, two of the blogs where I regularly share tales of the flora and fauna finds in my own garden. In anticipation, I have been gathering photos which convey the biodiversity that American White Waterlily […]

In the Garden, Don’t Talk with Your Mouth Full

Bunnies love Bidens alba

To me it is fascinating to catch a critter “in the act” of munching on whatever that particular species of fauna has in their diet plan. In nature, each wildlife species has its own ideas about what constitutes a balanced diet.  Here are some examples of the biodiversity that I eyed in my Florida native […]

2014 in my Biodiverse Wildlife Garden


Hard to believe another wildlife gardening year is coming to an end. As has become tradition, follow along for this years’ month by month encounters that were a little different or educational for me in 2014. If you missed 2013, 2012, 2011 or 2010, click the link to see what was cooking that year. January:  […]

Happy Holidays 2014


I’ve done Christmas theme posts in the past including “In the Wildlife Garden, Naughty or Nice?” (2011), “Revising the 12 Days of Christmas” (2012-NPWG),  “The Color of Christmas in the Garden“ (2013), “A Berry Merry Christmas“ (2010) to name some. In keeping with what has become a tradition of sorts, this year will be no […]

Snuffleupagus: In the Garden Stuck on You

a little creepy, but beneficial

The great reptile hunter was at it again.  I saw my dog Chili lying in the grass, alert and stretching out her paw like she was batting at something.  And, of course, she was.  Meet Timmy the turtle (named after a pull toy I owned as a toddler…ahhhh memories!). Timmy is actually a three striped […]

Itzy and Bitzy…New Spiders for Me

Ahhh, you are in the jumping spider family (Salticidae)

The Groundsel Bushes (Baccharis spp.) a.k.a. Saltbush have been a-buzz.  By far the most visited of all shrubs in my Florida native plant garden this week.  Various wasps and ants and beetles have been mining the leaves for tasty morsels of the Groundselbush Beetle (Trirhabda bacharidis) larvae and/or aphids or scales. I was surprised that […]

Saturday Night Live Musical Guest in the Garden

You can see that the antenna is broken

I eyed a beefy looking katydid the other day, lounging on the leaf of a Redbay sapling (Persea sp.).  It was munching away probably trying to gain some nourishment to build up its strength.  This guy…and yes, it is a male…appeared to have done battle with a predator at some point. Antennas were broken off […]

Balance in the Garden: Ichneumon Parasitic Wasp

My latest Icheumon Wasp find on Redbud

Sometime ago I talked about how some wasps keep a garden in balance by using other arthropods as their larval hosts, laying eggs to hatch and feed off the caterpillars of moths or butterflies or beetle larvae.  It’s Nature’s way of ensuring you don’t get too many of one species.  The food chain in action. […]

Aphids are Good? Wait….WHAT???


Down at my pond recently, I waited patiently for a flower fly to land for a photo op.  I use a point and shoot camera and have yet to find that the sports setting is effective at getting close-up photos of insects so I don’t use it.  I took a random shot or two while […]

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