The Dead Tree

We lost a big tree in a storm last night (or last week, now that you’re reading this.) It’s been dead for awhile–the crown came off in a similar storm two years ago–and has been standing there, about sixty feet of bare, almost polished looking wood. I never did figure out what species it was–by […]

Late Winter Restlessness

I would be a lousy bear. Late January is upon us. Spring won’t be here for awhile yet, at least in theory, although the plants don’t always know this. Spring is a weird nebulous spectrum in this state, generally running from mid-February through April. It hinges on your definition—I tend to go by “when the […]

Art of the Familiar


So I walked into an art gallery this morning and walked out with a painting. I wasn’t planning to buy a painting. I glanced in mostly out of civic support-your-local-small-business duty. And then I saw a very small little painting on the wall and said “I MUST OWN THAT.” It is 6 x 6, oil […]

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