Fireflies in the Garden

Elkmont synchronous Fireflies, Photo Credit to Judd Patterson

  Fireflies in the Garden, a Poem by Robert Frost Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, And here on earth come emulating flies, That though they never equal stars in size, (And they were never really stars at heart) Achieve at times a very star-like start. Only, of course, they can’t sustain […]

For The Love of a Tree


  Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.  ~Chinese proverb       You may remember last year I wrote about the plight of our ash trees.   It was just about this time, in early spring, that we were saying goodbye to 4 of our mature ash trees […]

What’s Scaring the Wildlife?

High Voltage Power Lines Span the Countryside, photo from Kid's Brittanica

  On a recent trip to Village Nurseries in Huntington Beach, CA, my first trip to this garden center, I was surprised by its location; the nursery was located in a corridor of High Voltage Power Lines. When I inquired about it, I learned that many nurseries and Christmas tree farms rent land from the […]

Abundant Nature


  “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Maya Angelou     With spring making its slow creep into our area, I have been taking time to make more observations in my wildlife garden.  Being newly retired with no plans at the […]

Invasive plants aren’t just for teaching science

Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale, circa 1800. ©Public Domain.

  So near the 271st anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s April 13 birthday, I wanted to take a few moments to thank him for exhorting his countrymen to deluge the new nation with new types of vegetation and for providing me, centuries later, with so many rich, hands-on opportunities to teach students not just about the […]

Looks like a little Lorax

Look at that cute face!

My brother Wayne took some great photos this week of these adorable little mason bees emerging from his homemade bee box.  There are around 130 species of these wonderful pollinators in North America. The males are the first to emerge from the nest box.  All of these photos are of males – they have longer […]

The Crocus with the Mostest

Picture 229 PASQUES

We just moved back to our high mountain home yesterday, after spending six months living in town because of the big Colorado floods back in September. First things we did: Get a fire going in the wood stove, and feed the birds. Next order of business? Look for pasque flowers! Pasque flowers are the harbinger […]

Marshland Magic

Ballona Wetlands, Freshwater Marsh, Photo by Kathy Vilim, California

  Standing at the street corner, the signal light changing, I cross over CA Hwy Route 1 (locally called Lincoln Blvd) leaving behind the long line of  new vertical home construction and picking up a trail into the Ballona wetlands to the west.  Immediately, I am in another world, one of Willows & Sycamore trees, […]

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