Witch Hazel


  The autumn bloomer. American witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana. Blooming to catch the last of the lovely purple asters. The asters have been blooming for many weeks now, adding an unexpected color to the color scheme of fall. Their bloom time overlaps, just a bit – but I’m getting distracted. I want to tell you about American […]

A Bittersweet problem

Oriental Bittersweet

  When I was a kid my grandmother had an annual tradition of collecting native bittersweet vines (Celastrus scandens) for her fall bouquets and harvest decorations.  Mom, Granny and my brother and I would pile into the station wagon and drive down country roads and other out-of-the-way wild places and fenced farm fields in search […]

Inviting Dragonflies to Lunch in the Garden

Erythemis simplicicollis (male)

I noticed someone enjoying a bit of lunch in the garden recently.  It was an Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) and based on the coloration, a male. Males become pruinose blue with white claspers and a green face.” More often than not when I come across an Eastern Pondhawk in the garden it is one […]

The Baby American Goldfinch in the Garden


Recently a fellow writer published a noticeably well researched post about the American Goldfinch. I was surprised to learn from reading this informative piece that this- early fall- is the American Goldfinch’s breeding season, and they only have one brood per year. A couple days later I was working at a clients home and saw […]

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