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Why buy Exotics? Native Plants are beautiful!

Why buy Exotics? Native Plants are beautiful!

If you are reading this and it is after 6:11 a.m. EST, I guess the end of the world hasn’t taken place or, if any of the other doomsday theories has occurred, that BWG Blog has been translated into Nibiru-ese.  I’m not a big believer in these sort of silly conspiracies, but let’s just say I held off doing the winter mow of the meadow! :)

At 6:12 a.m. EST we welcome, the December solstice…the Winter Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  If today seems short and tonight seems long, well…hello, northern hemispherian. We made it to mid-winter. We are now moving toward seeing the light…at least more of it each day, as daylight increases and darkness decreases.  The garden will no doubt be happy with this as we, the gardeners should be too.  More daylight, more photosynthesis, more oxygen.  Good for the plants, good for the earth, good for us.  Breathe is all in.

A few reminders which are applicable at any time of year:

  • Buy plants native to your locale…Think Provenance…They perform better in adverse weather conditions and feed the local fauna
  • Don’t use pesticides…Embrace your bugs!
  • Don’t be too tidy…critters depend on our emulation of natural conditions for cover, for nesting materials, and when you allow spent flowers to go to seed you provide important food sources for fauna and future generations of plants.
  • Be conscious of light pollution
  • Check whether a plant is invasive in your area.
  • Consider wildlife when choosing what materials you use in your garden
  • Read the Beautiful Wildlife Garden Blog (ok, maybe a little self-serving .…hehe)

Just around the corner is Christmas. May each and every one of you have a joyous holiday and may all your stocking stuffers be gift cards to the local native plant nursery.

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  1. says

    A very happy Solstice to you Loret! I’m always so happy at solstice to welcome the return of the light. Longer days, shorter nights…. I love that :) Also, a very happy holiday to you too. I hope you get lots of gift cards to your local native plant nursery in your stocking. That would be a perfect gift :)
    Carole Sevilla Brown recently posted..The Holiday Wildlife Garden

    • says

      Thanks Carole! In order for my stocking to get stuffed, I’d have to first GO to the native plant nursery, BUY the gift card, STUFF it in the stocking, OPEN it up, WOO HOO over it and then go BACK to the native plant nursery to SPEND it. HAHAHAHAA!

      May you and yours have wonderful holidays! Tis the season :)
      Loret recently posted..It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  2. says

    I expect the winter solstice looks and feels a bit different in Florida, Loret, than it does in Kentucky with our bit of snow (the first of the season) and wind chill of 10 degrees. However, no matter how cold or wintry, it’s good to know our days will gradually get longer and that we’re now headed in direction of spring.
    Betty Hall recently posted..Winter solstice and winterberries

    • says

      Funny you should say that Betty. We had unseasonably warm weather in recent days, so much so that my Air Conditioner actually kicked on twice this week.

      THEN….as if on cue, today a cold front blew through to announce WINTER IS HERE!!!! I needed a jacket to go outside and I am preparing the fireplace…I’ve moved some wood to the front door so it is handy, gathered some pine cones to get the fire started and am looking for my warm “Christmas P.J.s”. Looks like maybe I won’t be wearing sandals on the 25th ;)

      Happy holidays to you and stay warm. That wind chill sounds ominous!

      Florida: land where the a/c AND heat can be needed on the same day.
      Loret recently posted..It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  3. Dena says

    I wish my native poinsettia were as pretty as the one in your picture. Mine was beautiful earlier in the year but now its not as lovely. I have quite a few volunteers popping up, however. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all.

    • says

      Thanks Dena! Yes, I had several natives that were large and beautiful this year. Some don’t seem as happy and I can’t quite figure out why. They plant themselves so I would think they would choose prime real estate. I’m really glad that a few chose to appear in December, but I get a kick out of the fact that they bloom all over in July! Happy holidays to you too!
      Loret recently posted..A substitute White Christmas!

    • says

      Thanks Ellen!

      I was a little worried that I might not be able to wear sandals for Christmas, but luckily we warmed up enough. Second front came through since Christmas which was ok by me. Gave me a chance to have a “cozy fire to keep me warm”. Heat today, a/c tomorrow! Happy New year to you!
      Loret recently posted..A substitute White Christmas!

    • says

      Thanks Kathy!! Glad you got your rain. We have been under fire watch ourselves. But, we had a brief storm the other day. In Florida it sometimes comes down at 4 inches an hour, so a 20 minute storm can give us quite a needed drenching. Happy new year!
      Loret recently posted..A substitute White Christmas!


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