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I am in the beautiful state of Maine enjoying the gorgeous native plantings at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens while I’m teaching a 2-day intensive workshop about Ecosystem Gardening for Wildlife for the students of the Certificate Program in Native Plants and Ecological Horticulture.

I love teaching groups of people who are eager to learn how to attract more wildlife to their gardens, and this group of students is certainly eager!

After sharing the story of my own journey to my philosophy of Ecosystem Gardening (which you can see when you join the free Wren Song Community), I invited each of the students to tell their own story. They shared what was the spark that made them become interested in attracting more wildlife to their gardens with native plants, and also what projects they are working on in their own wildlife gardens.

As each student shared their stories, they also had lots of thoughtful questions about specific situations in their wildlife gardens. They talked about the lessons they’ve learned by trial and error, and how much they were learning from being enrolled in this certificate program.

What’s exciting for me is that just by listening to these stories and asking some follow up questions of my own, I also learned a lot from participating in this discussion with them. I consider myself a life-long student, always seeking new knowledge about the birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other critters who have chosen to share my space with me. There is always something new to learn!

And for this reason, I am so thrilled to have 2 incredible teams of writers (the team here at Beautiful Wildlife Garden, and my other team at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens) from whom I learn something new every day.

With each new article that each team member publishes, my knowledge is expanding, I find answers to questions, and solutions to problems.

It is my deepest hope that you feel the same way. These team member writers have a whole lot of wisdom to share with you every day. Thank you so much for your interest, and for joining us in our journey!

See photos from my other visits to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens:

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  1. Joni James says

    Envy you! I love Maine! Have been there twice and fell in love! I, too am a life long learner and never tire of learning more about nature.When I give workshops and programs I enjoy talking with attendees and learning where they are on their path and they always help me progress on mine!

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