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Planting Mr. Tree, Pismo Beach, CA,                        photo by Kathy Vilim

Back to the Earth~

The air was smelling fine and salty, as I set out for a morning walk on the beach.  I was deep in thought when I noticed my shoe was untied.  As I stopped to tie it, I saw something in the sand… a wooden handle buried near the tideline.  I pulled it out of the sand.  It was a very rusty digger with a pointy tip. The sea must have washed it up the night before, seemingly just for me.  It was just what I needed to plant Mr. Christmas tree!  I had debated about going and buying a digger somewhere (since I am travelling, I do not have my trowel with me), and here it was. So, I knew it was time.

Some of you may have read my earlier post about Mr. Christmas tree, and about the advantages of a LIVE tree with roots over a chopped down tree that ends up in a dumpster a week after the Christmas holidays. I bought Mr. Christmas tree from a Ralph’s grocery store because it would fit in my car cup holder!  He has traveled with me now for a month and has been my constant companion through all of the places I have traveled.  I have adorned him with ribbons, shared Christmas out camping, and even rung in the New Year with him.  He is strong and healthy.. he’s gotten lots of love.  But now, now is the time to set him free.  “If you love him, set him free..”

Eucalyptus Grove with Dune Lupine, Pismo Beach, Photo by Kathy Vilim

Eucalyptus Grove with Dune Lupine, Pismo Beach, Photo by Kathy Vilim

Now, I have planted my friend, Mr. Christmas tree.  And I find my heart sad to leave him all alone. I know I have done a good thing for him, saving him from ending up in a dumpster after Christmas and giving him a chance to live wild and free!  Still, I will miss him a lot.  I have only known him a month, but what a month it’s been.  He’s travelled the Central Coast of CA with me.  Wherever I went, there he was sitting in the cup holder with his ribbons on.  But I knew he couldn’t sit in that pot much longer.  It was time to give him up.  So, I walked to the edge of the Monarch’s Eucalyptus Grove and planted him, away from the shade of the Eucalyptus, but close enough that they could talk together.

Pine Forest, Pismo, CA photo by Kathy Vilim

Pine Forest, Pismo, CA photo by Kathy Vilim

I left him in the temporary care of the magical Monarch butterflies, too, until they return north next month.  As the afternoon sun was getting on through the forest of Pines and Eucalyptus, I left Mr. Tree, with warm sun on his branches.  I took off his ribbons.  He was Mr. Christmas Tree no more.  Just Mr. Tree, of the Dune Forest!

And, like the horse set free in the Redford movie “Electric Horseman”, his location shall remain secret. This way no harm should come to him by some well-meaning person who thinks he does not belong, and he will not get cut down to be a Christmas tree without roots when he is grown.

I planted Mr. Tree on a warm day … it got up in the 70’s … and I planted the old digger along with him.  It had served one last purpose… back to the sandy soil from which it had come.  Mr. Tree was planted in a spot with moss and broken seashells, so I moved some shell bits and moss to decorate him and make him part of the Dune Forest.

As I looked back, hundreds of Monarchs were circling, gliding ballerina-like in the warm afternoon sun, above the new Dune Tree~

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    Fun to see your photo here Kathy! You are such a considerate gardner that i am certain the Xmas Tree Devas are grateful and will return your gift in the form of many magical flowers along the road this Spring!


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