Spring Is Definitely Coming Soon

Spring is coming soon here in north-eastern New York, I’m convinced of it. As I write on March 27th, there’s a foot of snow and our walkways are solid ice but I’m a believer. I believe in the concept of “spring.”

So far this March, as winter drags on, I’ve fielded calls for my landscaping business from several schools, from teachers and interested parents who want programs and projects for their school properties and/or with their classes. Until the snow melts and the ground unfreezes, I’ll be reading what some other team member’s experiences with teaching children about nature and gardening. (I get to visit the Montessori-style nursery school of the little guy in the photo with the fruit trees.)

20140327-160806.jpg To keep my design chops in practice through the winter, I’ve started setting up gemstone, seashell and other artsy object, zen alters. It’s not as much fun as when the materials consist of living tissue, namely native plants, but I haven’t seen any live native plants in over four months and as I was telling a friend earlier today, by now, I feel like these “Native Plants” are my invisible friends. And I miss them a lot..

20140327-161900.jpg Last November was the busiest November my business ever experienced and I’m really excited to see how the late season projects develop and fill in. The concept of native plants and gardening for wildlife is new to my Mother, and I planted a habitat garden full of native plants for her. There was the wildlife garden project for my librarian friend and a huge hummingbird habitat garden system installed in a hasty scramble during Thanksgiving week that didn’t get photodocumented for lack of daylight. There’s so much to look forward to this spring, I can’t wait for it to come.

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  1. says

    Jesse, I too continue to hold onto hope that the conceptual “spring” will be here ANY day now. Right? In the meantime I feel your frustration and am also working on other projects that would not get done if the ground was bare. This might just be the first year our house gets spring-cleaned instead of early-winter-cleaned :)
    Ellen Sousa recently posted..Taming Wildflowers

  2. says

    Don’t worry, Jesse & Ellen! Spring will be there soon. It is interesting that you have so many school projects. That is heartening. Out here in So Cal, many schools have started gardens, incl butterfly gardens! It’s great to see.
    Kathy Vilim recently posted..A Butterfly Kind of Day~

  3. says

    Spring is here finally at the end of March with teps in the 40s and the snow continuing to melt. Your projects sound wonderful Jesse. As a former teacher I always wanted a garden lab at our school but I left teaching before I could create one for our school.
    Donna Donabella recently posted..An Indicator in the Garden

    • says

      Nice, Donna! It is definitely warmer down in the part of New York where you live. I bet some of your former students read your garden writing even though the powers that be never granted a school garden?

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