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Meet Team Beautiful Wildlife Garden

Brenda Clements Jones, VA

Brenda Clements JonesBrenda’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author/Photographer at Tendrils

Brenda Clements Jones is a certified Virginia master naturalist, is on the board of directors of the Virginia Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation, is an amateur astronomer and a devoted fan of Mother Nature. She lives in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Shenandoah National Park, and hikes up to the higher elevations of her mountain every day so long as weather allows.  Her constant hiking companions are two cameras that capture nature as it unfolds through the seasons. It’s her goal to share the natural world around her through her photographs.

Carole Sevilla Brown, Managing Editor, PA

Carole’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Ecosystem Gardening
Facebook Page: Ecosystem Gardening
Founder & Managing Editor at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens
Creator: Find Native Plants
Creator: Wildlife Garden Academy
Contributor: Team Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Carole Sevilla Brown is a Conservation Biologist who firmly believes that wildlife conservation begins in your own back yard. Carole is an author, educator, speaker, and passionate birder, butterfly watcher,  and naturalist who travels around the country speaking about Ecosystem Gardening: teaching people to garden sustainably, conserve natural resources, and create welcoming habitat for wildlife so that you will attract more birds, butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife. She gardens for wildlife in Philadelphia, zone 6b. Watch for her book Ecosystem Gardening, due out soon.

Carole is founder and managing editor of  Beautiful Wildlife Garden, and also founder and managing editor of Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. Due to the overwhelming desire of readers to locate native plants, Carole created Find Native Plants to help wildlife gardeners locate native plants and other native plant resources for their region of the country. Carole also created the Wildlife Garden Academy to create a community for wildlife gardeners to learn more.

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Donna Donabella, NY

Donna’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Garden’s Eye View
Follow @fairygardening on Twitter

Donna Donabella is a self taught gardener who has gardened in central NY State for 25 years. Although her day job has been in public education for 27 years, her passion lies in all types of gardening. Donna’s journey through life has been enriched and influenced by her gardening experiences which she shares on her blog Garden’s Eye View. Donna has recently started her own garden design business, Purple Door Garden Designs.

Ellen Honeycutt, GA

Ellen’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at: Using Georgia Native Plants

About Ellen Honeycutt: “I am a passionate native plant gardener near Atlanta, GA who is learning to appreciate more every day the relationship that plants have with our native fauna. I created a personal blog, Using Georgia Native Plants, to help increase the level of regional native plant information available to average gardeners. I try to emphasize the beauty and versatility of native plants as landscape choices as well as the value to the local ecosystem.”

Ellen Sousa gardens, farms, writes and teaches from Turkey Hill Brook Farm, a small horse farm in the Worcester Hills of central Massachusetts. Author of The Green Garden: The New England Guide to Planning, Planting and Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Habitat Garden, published by Bunker Hill Publishing in summer 2011. She also blogs about habitat and earth-friendly gardening in New England and is on the team at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. Follow @THBfarm on twitter.

Jacqueline Soule, AZ

Jacqueline SouleJacqueline’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Website: Gardening with Soule
Author of Father Kino’s Herbs 
Author of Landscape Plants for the California High Desert 
Jacqueline’s posts at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Jacqueline Soule, Ph.D. is a long-time Southwest garden writer and has nine published books on gardening in our unique climate, with a focus on using native plants. She is delighted to join the team at Native Plant & Wildlife Gardens, and looks forward to a pleasing and productive partnership.

Jesse Elwert Peters, NY

Jesse’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at: Jessecology
Facebook Page
Follow @jessecology on Twitter

Jesse Elwert Peters is an ecologist, habitat garden designer and garden coach with her business, Jessecology, in Saratoga Springs, New York. Her vision as a garden designer is to create naturally beautiful and low maintenance gardens using mostly NY native plants that co-operate with nature.

Joni James, IN

Joni JamesJoni’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at: Bearing Witness
Website: Joni James Photography
Facebook Page: Heron Watch Nature Programs
Flickr Portfolio

Joni L. James lives in south-central Indiana and works part-time as an environmental educator. Joni is a naturalist since a young age and is primarily self-taught through study and experience. She has spent the last 30 years learning from nature through her ramblings. Nature has shaped her life. Joni has nurtured her “sense of place” in order to bear witness to local wildness through nature photography, nature writing, and journaling. In 2011, she self-published a book titled, Dancing with Herons: Bearing Witness to Local Natural History.

Joni manages her Facebook page: Joni L. James/Heronwatch Nature Programs, which is dedicated to educating and bringing awareness to readers in her local area and beyond. She also administers the Facebook group, Go Native! Morgan County (Indiana), dedicated to educating and networking with others about native ecosystem gardening/creating wildlfie habitat.

Judy Burris, KY

Judy’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Website: Butterfly Nature
Facebook Page:

Judy Burris and her brother Wayne Richards are authors, photographers and naturalists.  Their gardens focus on host plants to support native butterflies and other insects and critters in every stage of their development.  Judy and Wayne live just 3 miles apart from each other in northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati.  Their co-authored books include: The Life Cycles of Butterflies, The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs, and also Nature’s NotesTheir website is Butterfly Nature 

Karyl Seppala, GA

Karyl’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Native Plant Wildlife Gardening
Follow @habitatgarden

Karyl Seppalla gardens for wildlife in northern Georgia. Her focus is wildlife gardening, biodiversity and native plants which is truly a labor of love. She writes about her adventures at Native Plant Wildlife Gardening, and you can find her on twitter. She says “…and oh, I’m kind of a dork and get really excited about things like baby turtles. Bear with me on that please.”

Kathy Vilim, CA

Kathy’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Native Gardener
Follow @nativegardener on twitter

Lifelong lover of nature.. I enjoy writing about what I see around me & photographing it. I garden in Southern California where I have lived many years and have enjoyed all of them. Happy to share tips on native gardening and lessons learned, as well as critters met.

Loret T. Setters, FL

Loret’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Osceola FL Garden Blah Blah Blog
Facebook Page
Follow @PineLilyFNPS on Twitter
Author at: What Florida Native Plant is Blooming Today?
Author at: Central Florida Critter of the Day
Also appearing at Team Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

I’m a retired, transplanted New Yorker who lives on a rural acre in Central Florida with 3 sporting dogs and plenty of wildlife. I’ve always preferred wildflowers to sterile store-bought plants and love to watch things grow as I try to identify them. Since my move to Florida in 2004, I’ve learned the term “native plants” and apparently have always been a native plant gardener without realizing the important role my “weeds” and I have played in helping wildlife all these years. With the advent of digital cameras, I always took pictures of my flowers, but this past year I have developed a fascination with insects and love photographing them and finding out their purpose in a biodiverse world. I’m an active member of the Florida Native Plant Society and I tweet and maintain the Facebook page for their Osceola County chapter, Pine Lily. I’m also the editor of their monthly newsletter, The Lily Pad. I garden for wildlife ~ the benefit to my senses is merely a bonus.

Stacey Evers, VA

Stacey EversStacey’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at: greenBelvedere

Stacey Evers is an environmental educator at Belvedere Elementary School in Falls Church, VA, a certified Virginia master naturalist and a Girl Scout leader for 18 fabulous girls. She’s served on her county Tree Commission and as an Invasive Management Area site leader. She used to be a reporter, but then decided she’d rather be outside.

Belvedere is a certified National Wildlife Federation wildlife habitat, an Eco-School USA (certified at the Bronze Award level and working toward a Green Flag), and a state-recognized Virginia Naturally school. You can read more about our eco-program at greenBelvedere.

Ursula Vernon, NC

Ursula’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Squash’s Garden
Author/artist at Red Wombat Studio
See all 18 of Ursula Vernon’s Childrens Books
Also appearing at Team Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Ursula Vernon is a children’s book author/illustrator and painter of weird little things. She lives with her boyfriend in North Carolina, where she collects native plants and gardens with more enthusiasm than skill. In between battling Japanese honeysuckle and wrestling with heavy clay soil, she finds time to blog and chase birds around with binoculars.


Barbara Pintozzi, IL

Barbara’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Mr. McGregor’s Daughter,
Facebook Page,
Follow @suburbangarden on Twitter

Barbara is a life-long resident of the Chicago area, and has gardened at Squirrelhaven, a typical suburban plot in the Northwest Suburbs, for over 15 years. A recovering attorney, she is now a stay-at-home mom and garden fanatic. In her spare time, she takes photographs and welds garden sculptures.

Chris McLaughlin, CA

Chris’ Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts

Chris is a garden writer, author, and blogger. Her recent book, the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting teaches us to remember the wildlife that thrives in healthy soil. She’s been gardening for over 30 years and became a Master Gardener in 2000. While living in the California Sierra foothills, she did wildlife rehab with Sierra Wildlife Rescue. It seemed natural to Chris to blend her love for gardening and wildlife by becoming certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Steward so that she could help people create wildlife gardens in their yards. On her Northern California suburban farm, Chris grows anything that’ll stop long enough to grow roots and has vegetable gardens, wildlife gardens, flowers gardens, and even (*gasp*) a lawn.

Also check out Chris’ other books:

Christy PetersonChristy Peterson, WA

Christy’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at: Tweets and Tree Frogs
Contributor: Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Christy’s love of nature was instilled in her at a very young age by her parents, particularly her dad, who is a biologist and an environmental educator. She is passionate about educating people of all ages about the amazing creatures that live in our backyards. She believe that one person’s efforts to change a corner of the world truly make a difference. Christy’s tiny patch of the universe is located in Vancouver, WA, where she lives with the aforementioned husband, two kids, two dogs, three cats, two guinea pigs, two snakes, two lizards, and some fish! You can find her online at Tweets and Treefrogs. She’s on Facebook at Tweets & Tree Frogs and on Twitter @tweetstreefrogs

Gail Eichelberger, TN

Gail’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Clay and Limestone
Facebook Page
Follow @clayanlimestone on Twitter

Part time psychotherapist, blogger, gardener and owner of Clay and Limestone garden~ home of the Practically Perfect Pink Phlox and other fantastic native plants. Gardens in middle Tennessee.

Kathy Green, CO

Kathy’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Gardening For Nature
Garden Designer and Coach at All Things in Nature
Facebook Page
Follow @gardenfornature on Twitter

Kathy Green is a garden designer, garden coach and master gardener who loves helping people learn about plants, nature and the environment.  Gardening at 7300′ along the Front Range of Colorado, her yard is a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat. Follow her Gardening for Nature blog to see what you can do to help bring wildlife into your yard!

Kelly Senser, VA

Kelly’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts

Editor at National Wildlife MagazineFacebook Page

Follow @klsnature on Twitter
Kelly Senser is a nature-loving mom who’s passionate about wildlife gardening and outdoor play. She works at the National Wildlife Federation, a nonprofit conservation group. Her favorite place to explore is her family’s northern Virginia backyard, which is a Certified Wildlife Habitat site. When her son calls a bug club meeting or her daughter pauses to bird-watch, you’ll find her smiling from ear to ear. She’s happy to nurture their sense of wonder; it keeps her own alive.

Lisa Gustavson, NY

Lisa’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Get in the GardenFacebook Page, Follow @GetInTheGarden on Twitter
I’ve been planting and growing with my husband and our four children for over fifteen years… starting when and we bought our first (and present) home in upstate NY (zone 6). In raising our four children we wanted to provide a beautiful and natural backyard playground for them to explore and discover in. Our choice from the very start was to grow only plants that would feed us or nature. Ever since, we’ve been growing organic, sustainable food for our family and nature right in our half-acre yard. We planted native shrubs and flowers for wildlife, provided feeders and shelters and have even built a small pond. Herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and fruit trees occupy the space that was once a lawn. We have regular visits from deer, skunks, possums, raccoons, rabbits, herons, woodchucks, ducks and even a fox! There are plenty of resident birds, frogs, toads and bees that not only are fascinating to watch…they’re co-workers in our efforts. Gardens and wildlife work beautifully together!

Mary Pellerito, MI

M Pellerito Going NativeMary’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Website: It’s The Simple Things
Author at: Going Native
Facebook Page: Going Native

Mary Pellerito is a freelance writer based in Michigan.  She has been published in Grit magazine and the local newspaper.  She writes a weekly blog post, Going Native, for Grit as well.  Mary also offers workshops on native plants and natural habitat gardening.   In her blog, It’s The Simple Things, Mary writes about her garden, her travels, and her thoughts on the natural world.  Mary also has a Facebook page, Going Native, where she shares photos and stories about a myriad of topics that interest her.  Mary is an Advanced Master Gardener.

Meredith O’Reilly, TX

Meredith’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author at Great Stems, Follow @grstems on twitter, Facebook Page

Meredith gardens for wildlife in central Texas, Zone 8b. She believes that everyone should be touched by nature. Her garden is a Best of Texas Backyard Habitat, filled primarily with native plants, and she spends as much time documenting the wildlife that visits her garden as she does the plants in it. Meredith also is a volunteer Habitat Steward with the National Wildlife Federation. She led the creation of a large butterfly-hummingbird demonstration garden at her son’s elementary school and is busy expanding the school’s green programs. In addition, Meredith enjoys spreading the word about wildlife gardening through presentations to groups of all ages. But her dearest pleasure is seeing the delight on her kids’ faces as they discover something new in the garden.

Sally Roth, CO

Sally RothSally’s Beautiful Wildlife Garden posts
Author of An Eye on the Sparrow
Website: Sally Roth
Facebook page
See all of Sally Roth’s books
Also appearing at Team Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Sally Roth, a lifelong naturalist and gardener, is the author of many books about birds, nature, and gardening, including The Backyard Bird Feeder’s BibleNatural Landscaping, and her newest book, An Eye on the Sparrow, about the science behind the Scriptures. She’s a contributing editor for Birds & Blooms magazine, a 20-year columnist for the Evansville, IN, Courier-Press, and a public speaker and consultant. She’s lived and gardened in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and the Pacific Northwest, and now makes her home high in the Colorado Rockies with her husband Matt Bartmann. Her website,, includes a weekly journal, an archive of articles, and a forum; she’s active on Facebook, too.


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