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He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.  ~Roy L. Smith




I am reminded this time of year as I am gathered with family, cooking, eating, telling stories with hugs and tears that my wildlife garden is still alive with magic.  Deer are finding food throughout the garden.  Rabbits nibble on the bark of shrubs when they venture out.


The bird houses are empty and covered with snow, but my bluebirds are defending their own.  The brood that DSCN3247was hatched here this year have been visiting the garden daily spreading joy for us as we see them.


The birds that visit find suet, berries and seeds galore since I have replaced many exotics with native plants and shrubs.  I have been meaning to plant a large native evergreen that I can decorate for the birds and squirrels.  My squirrels seem to find lots of bounty that they have stashed all over under the leaf litter we do not rake up.


The rest of the critters have either migrated or are hibernating waiting for spring relying on the twig, leaves and plant debris we do not clean up this time of year.



It is important to remember the critters who inhabit the world with us.  Feeding the critters all year using natives and some feeders, planting more native plants, using no chemicals….these are the gifts we can give our wildlife.



If you want to do one thing please consider using no chemicals and planting milkweed so we do not lose our wonderful monarch butterflies.  Consider this holiday season, what gift you will give to our earth.


A good conscience is a continual Christmas.  ~Benjamin Franklin




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  1. says

    Donna, as the snow begins to fall, here in central Virginia, your post gives me goosebumps. Perhaps because we seem to have so much in common despite the distance between us, with our visitors to our gardens. Thank you for your posts! Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas and a fun new year!

  2. Marilyn says

    Love the bluebird photo, and of course, the darling deer. Thanks for the reminder to plant milkweed. This cannot be said too often. A native evergreen tree is on my wish list this year, too. May we endeavor to make our wishes reality in 2014. Merry Christmas, Donna.

  3. says

    Well stated Donna! I hope to give a small pond/pool but it will be a busy year for me. I have been struggling to keep the feeders filled and the bath filled with water since the ice storms. Now we are getting snow – not good news for the already bent-to the-ground trees! Most of my natives are coated in ice. I feared my house sparrows took over my feeders, but yesterday finches! I love to watch the birds and noticed my bunny farm is still occupied. The haven for the birds is my climbing Prairie Rose. They are always flying back into its thicket. The Blue Spruce is also a haven (in retrospect I think I would plant a White Spruce instead). Sometimes when I fill the heated bird bath a few stragglers fly out of there (the Spruce) and startle me – as I get too close for comfort. Merry Christmas Donna!
    Kathy Sturr of the Violet Fern recently posted..December Observations: Who is the Birdbrain?

    • says

      I think of you every time lake effect storms are forecast North….it has been a bitter late fall and early winter for those in Northern NY with you Kathy. Your birds are so thankful for you and all you do which is enough for now….stay safe and warm….sending you sunny skies for a while…I hope they make it North my friend! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year
      Donna Donabella recently posted..Wildflower Tales-Ninebark


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