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Want to Guest Post for Beautiful Wildlife Garden?

We’ve been receiving many requests for the opportunity to guest post for Beautiful Wildlife Garden, and I’m here to announce that we are listening.

If you’d like to submit a post for consideration please use the following form to upload your post and your photos.

We’re really looking forward to meeting more passionate wildlife gardeners from around the country and to seeing the beautiful wildlife in your gardens.

Posts accepted for inclusion will be scheduled in the event that one of us is unable to post on a particular day. Yes, things come up and sometimes we can’t be here. And that’s where you come in.

These posts should be an original post, and not published anywhere else, including your own blog. Please feel free to take an excerpt from this post to publish at your site with a link to the original post here.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful wildlife garden with us!

Note: Please take the time to read “We Want” so that you are familiar with our mission. Guest posts may be edited for spelling and SEO.

We Want:

To redefine beautiful
To start a positive conversation
To become stewards of our properties
To help wildlife in our gardens
To choose plants that help wildlife
To plant more native plants
To remove invasive plants
To talk about the birds and the bees  (And the flowers and the trees)
To encourage bugs
To plant for butterflies
To love frogs and toads
To welcome bats
To practice sustainable landscaping
To use water wisely
To use no harmful chemicals

To Show that all of this is BEAUTIFUL!

Write For Us

Guest posting for Beautiful Wildlife Garden
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