Top 8 Best Battery-Powered Weed Eaters 2020

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Weed eaters, also known as weed whackers, are valuable garden tools if you want a neat yard. They allow you to trim the edges of the lawn that the mower cannot reach. They are also ideal for completing other garden tasks, such as the following:

  • Cutting down patches of weeds
  • Trimming edges of gardens
  • Cutting patches of grass that are too small for a mower to reach

Best Battery Powered Weed Eater

While you can buy weed eaters that run on gas or that use cords, battery-powered weed eaters are growing in popularity. These garden tools create zero emissions, are quiet, and provide mobility for handling big jobs.

Thanks to their appeal, there are many on the market from which to choose. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the 8 best battery-powered weed eaters of 2020, as well as some tips for choosing and some answers to frequently asked questions.

Top 8 Battery-Powered Weed Eaters of 2020


Image Product Details
Dewalt Flexvolt Best OverallDewalt Flexvolt
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Battery: 60V
Check Price
Toro PowerPlex Best PremiumToro PowerPlex
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs
  • Battery: 40V
Check Price
Worx String Trimmer/Edger/Mini Mower Best BudgetWorx String Trimmer/Edger/Mini Mower
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Battery: 32V
Check Price
Black + Decker Black + Decker
  • Weight: 11.15 lbs
  • Battery: 20V
Check Price
Greenworks String Trimmer and Blower Greenworks String Trimmer and Blower
  • Weight: 7.72 lbs
  • Battery: 40V
Check Price
Black + Decker Li-On String Trimmer Black + Decker Li-On String Trimmer
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Battery: 20V
Check Price
Worx 56V Cordless String Trimmer and Edger Worx Cordless String
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Battery: 56V
Check Price
Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer
  • Weight: 12.97 lbs
  • Battery: 40V
Check Price

Out of the many battery-powered weed eaters on the market today, these are the 8 best available.

1. Dewalt Flexvolt – Best Overall Product

Dewalt Flexvolt Review

The Dewalt Flexvolt is a heavy duty battery-powered weed eater with a 60V battery. While runtime is average, at about 30 minutes, it is powerful enough to tackle heavy growth and patches of weeds. With a cutting diameter of 15 inches, it is also large enough to offer significant coverage with every pass.

Unlike many other battery-powered weed eaters, this tool uses a brushless motor. The brushless motor reduces wear and tear on the motor and allows it to run for longer. This weed eater also stands out, thanks to a speed control feature that allows you to select the power level you need for the job you need to complete.

You do need to be aware that this battery-powered weed eater is heavier than most, at about 12 pounds and that DeWalt is sometimes lacking in attentive customer service.


  • Brushless motor
  • Heavy duty
  • Speed control


  • Heavy
  • Pricey
  • Occasionally inattentive customer service

2. Toro PowerPlex – Best Premium Product

Toro PowerPlex Review

The Toro PowerPlex is built for power. With a 40V lithium-ion battery and whopping 60-minute runtime (plus charge time of just 1 hour), it can take on almost any job. Durable construction, including a cast aluminum head and steel shaft, allow this battery-powered weed eater to last even when used heavily.

A brushless motor gives this tool greater efficiency and motor life. Variable speed controls let the buyer choose between longer runtime and more power.

This weed eater also includes convenience features, such as a foldable shaft for easy and storage, and a comfortable grip. Buyers do need to be aware that this tool comes with the less convenient bump feed and is a bit heavy, at around 9 pounds.


  • 60 minute runtime
  • 1 hour charge
  • Brushless motor
  • Foldable shaft


  • Bump feed
  • Heavy

3. Worx String Trimmer/Edger/Mini Mower – Best Product for Budget

Worx String Trimmer/Edger/Mini Mower Review

This battery-powered weed eater uses a 32V lithium-ion battery to deliver up to 35 minutes of powerful trimming around the yard. It converts, without the use of tools, into an edger. You can also push this weed eater on its wheels for a mowing-like function around the edges of your yard. Do not be fooled by Worx’s terminology, however, this tool is not suitable for regular mowing functions.

This Worx battery-powered weed eater includes features designed to improve the trimming experience. For example, it comes with a space guard that protects plants from the weed eater. The shaft moves up and down to enable customized comfort, and moves with the use of a quick-release lever. The head tilts 90 degrees to allow for edging in hard-to-reach places.

This weed eater charges in about 3 hours and cuts at a diameter of 12 inches. It includes a 3-year warranty and free string spools for life. Buyers do need to be aware that the stringdhas a short life, with small spools that require frequent changing.


  • Multi-use tools
  • Space guard
  • 90-degree head tilt
  • Free spools for life
  • Large trimming diameter



  • Small spools
  • Short string life
  • Mowing function not intended for regular lawn mowing

4. Black + Decker String Trimmer/Edger, Sweeper Plus

Black + Decker String Trimmer/Edger, Sweeper Plus Review

This Black + Decker battery-powered weed eater uses a 20V lithium-ion battery to deliver about 30 minutes of trimming and edging power for small to medium yards. A small sweeper is included along with the weed eater to enable the clearing of hard surfaces, like sidewalks and driveways.

This battery-powered weed eater trims a diameter of 10 inches. At about 6 pounds, it is lightweight enough for almost anyone to use. The inclusion of two batteries, plus the blower, make this weed eater a good value.

A number of convenience features make this blower easier to use. For example. A telescopic handle allows users to adjust the length to their comfort level for added ease of use. An automatic line feed adds convenience as well.

This tool, however, is best reserved for small or medium jobs. It is not suited for clearing dense patches of weeds, for example. The cutting diameter is also on the smaller side.


  • Lightweight
  • Included blower
  • Included extra battery


  • Not suitable for large jobs
  • Small cutting diameter

5. Greenworks String Trimmer and Blower

Greenworks String Trimmer and Blower Review

Powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery, this weed eater from Greenworx boasts a long, 45-minute run time and enough power to tackle even large jobs on yards up to half an acre.

This weed eater comes with convenience features designed to make it easier to use. For example, it includes auto feed for the string to reduce the need to take time feeding the line. In addition, its motor is placed on the front to offer better balance and ease of use.

This battery-powered weed eater has a wide, 12-inch trimming diameter and a weight of just over 7 pounds. This light weight makes it simple to use for as long as needed to get the job done.

Buyers do need to be aware that the battery is sometimes short-lived. This is also one of the more expensive weed eaters on the market.


  • Long run time
  • Wide trimming diameter
  • Lightweight
  • Auto string feed


  • Short lived battery
  • Expensive

6. Black + Decker Li-On String Trimmer

Black + Decker Li-On String Trimmer Review

A 20V lithium-ion battery powers this lightweight (6 pounds) yard tool. Designed to be easy to use for the average homeowner, this battery-powered weed eater features two-speed control that allows you to select your power level.

This tool’s generous 12-inch diameter allows for efficient trimming. In addition, its adjustable handle allows you to select the height that is most comfortable for you, while its soft grip makes holding it more comfortable.

This battery-powered weed eater does require you to push a button to advance the string. It is also not suited for heavy duty jobs. Thanks to its ability to convert into a two-wheeled edger, it does offer versatility.


  • 12-inch cutting diameter
  • Converts into edger
  • Speed control
  • Comfort features


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs
  • Button required for advancing string

7. Worx 56V Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

Worx 56V Cordless String Trimmer and Edger Review

This powerful, battery-operated weed eater uses a 56V lithium-ion battery to tackle a variety of trimming jobs around the yard. Variable speed control means you can select the right amount of power for the job, which can also extend the runtime of the battery.

This model also converts easily, with the push of a button and a twist of the handle, into an edger. Removable wheels can go on for edging, and can be stored on the tool to increase visibility while trimming.

Another convenience feature of this battery-powered weed eater is the ability to feed extra string at the push of a button. You should be aware, however, that this is not as convenient as automatic feed available in some other models of weed eaters.

This weed eater’s durability is also evident in its commercial grade string and in its ability to tilt the head 90 degrees.


  • Commercial strength string
  • Variable speed control
  • Converts into edger


  • No automatic feed

8. Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer Review

With a 40V lithium-ion battery and 60-minute runtime, this Greenworks weed eater is a powerful choice for large and small yards alike. In fact, this battery-powered weed eater offers performance that rivals that of gas-powered weed eaters.

This weed eater boasts a number of features designed for convenience. For example, it can take attachments, such as a cultivator or edger. It can even handle gas-powered attachments for ultimate versatility.

This weed eater uses a brushless motor to extend runtimes and improve efficiency. In addition, it uses commercial grade string for greater durability. A large, 14-inch diameter and a design that maximizes visibility improves this tool’s usability.

Buyers do need to be aware that this battery-powered weed eater uses bump feed for the string, which can be time consuming compared to more automatic solutions. In addition, at 12 pounds, it is one of the heavier trimmers on the market.


  • 60-minute run time
  • Attachment capable
  • Brushless motor
  • 14-inch diameter


  • Bump feed
  • Heavy

How to Choose a Battery-Powered Weed Eater

When it comes time to choose a battery-powered word eater, there are a few things to consider.


If you have a large yard, you do not want a weed eater that only runs for 20 minutes. In fact, in general, the longer the runtime, the better. Some weed eaters give you the option of speed control. This feature is very useful, since it allows you to extend your batter’s runtime by  choosing a lower speed setting for smaller jobs.

Battery Voltage

The batteries on battery-powered weed eaters come in a variety of voltages. The most common are 20V and 40V, though you can also find weed eaters with other voltages, such as 56V and 60V. The voltage is a way to quickly determine how much power the weed whacker possesses. The greater the voltage, the more powerful the tool is. However, the price of the weed eater will also go up as the voltage goes up. As a result, try to purchase a weed whacker that has the voltage you need for your job but that does not have more power than you anticipate needing.

Convenience Features

Carrying a weed eater around can wear on your arms. Trying to feed more string out can be tedious if you have to do it by hand. Needing to wait for a battery to charge can interfere with your schedule. In order to avoid these kinds of problems with your battery-powered weed eater, look for models that come with convenience features. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Automatic string feed
  • Foldable shaft for easier storage
  • Extra battery
  • Included charger
  • Extra spools of string
  • Tool-less conversion to edger


The specific features you will want will depend upon your circumstances. However, finding a model that has at least some of the features that will make trimming your lawn easier can make a big difference when it comes time to use your battery-powered weed eater on your lawn.


In order to save wear and tear on your arms and back, you will want to choose a battery-powered weed eater that is lightweight. If you can find one under 8 pounds, you will be doing well.


Here is a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about battery-powered weed eaters.

What is the difference between a weed eater and an edger?

Weed eaters often convert into edgers, but what is the difference? A weed eater works to cut back grass and weeds where a lawn mower cannot reach. They can be used near flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways, but they do not have to be. It typically uses a horizontal position. An edger, on the other hand, uses a vertical position to cut a defining line between the yard and features like sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds. It is solely used to create a neat border between the lawn and non-grass features.

What are the advantages of a battery-powered weed eater?

The primary advantage of a battery-powered weed eater is mobility. You are not tethered to a cord and can, therefore, go wherever you need. Another advantage is the fact that these tools do not give off emissions the way gas-powered weed eaters do. Finally, battery-powered weed eaters tend to be quieter than their gas-powered counterparts.

Are battery-powered weed eaters as powerful as gas-powered ones?

Battery-powered weed eaters are more convenient than gas-powered ones, but are they as powerful? The answer depends upon the weed eater you buy. Some are not very powerful but perform well on small jobs. Others are just as powerful and can be used both privately and commercially on big jobs. When purchasing a battery-powered weed eater, your goal should be to purchase the tool that meets your power needs.


Battery-powered weed eaters offer an environmentally-friendly and convenient way to keep your lawn looking neat. When you are ready to buy, consider one of the 8 best weed eaters on the market today.

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