Best Garden Carts 2020 Reviews

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Beautiful plants and flowers add beauty to your home and make the environment look impressive. Flowering buds reflect millions of gorgeous shades, and there are no words to explain the beauty of red roses during the time of sunsets. Yes, gardening is indeed a peaceful and soul-satisfying hobby. If you have a garden around your home, then you must be aware of the responsibilities you need to take to keep the plants safe. You have to use specific tools which can be heavy and hard to carry around the garden. As a garden lover, in the initial stages, transportation doesn’t seem complicated for you. But in the long run, you face difficulties carrying these tools. Hence, here comes the necessity of using garden carts.

The Garden carts are similar to utility carts, used to save your precious time in transportation. They are not only used for carrying your tools but also help to take the litter of trimmed flowers, organic matter, mulch, and even logs of wood. However, there are many brands in the competitive market that design high-quality Garden carts to help the landscaper and gardeners. We have gone through lots of studies and prepared a list of the top 10 best garden carts that will help you to maintain your garden clean and neat. Let’s dive into the details!

Best Garden Carts

How to Choose the Best Garden Cart

A garden cart makes your life a lot easier and helps you to do the garden work efficiently. Shopping for a garden cart is a daunting task if you have no idea about some specific characteristics. Here are few quick buying tips to ease your shopping:

Load capacity

The first question you need to ask yourself before choosing a garden cart is how much weight I will be able to carry around using this cart. This will help you to select the garden cart according to your personal needs. Most garden carts come with load capacity ranging from 300-1000 pounds. If you do gardening occasionally, you can go for carts with 300-pound load capacity. For every day and heavy-duty gardening needs, you should select a garden cart with 1000 pounds. Heavy-duty garden carts are made up of tough steel to withstand pressure and weights. They also have thicker tires to provide a solid frame.

Types of garden carts

Garden carts come in four different types from which you should choose from depending on your needs of gardening:

  • Utility wagons
  • Dump carts
  • Foldable carts
  • Flatbeds

Utility wagons are designed with four vertical sides that can be removable for cleaning and easy access to the cart. You can use utility wagons to carry soil, compost, haul cutting, wastage and fertilizers. Dump carts look similar to utility wagons but feature a unique capability to dump the load. You can easily dump the load anywhere, and this kind of carts suits best for hauling garden soils, fertilizers and wood chips. Flatbed carts do not have any sides and can be used to carry soil, bulky objects, fertilizers and large trees. Foldable carts are compatible and suit best for limited spaces. They are made up of fabric sides and metal frame, which can be foldable after usage.

Types of tires

Plastic tires are suitable to hold light loads and runs smoothly on the yard, grass or other types of soft surfaces. Heavy-duty garden carts are designed with pneumatic tires made up of rubber material and filled with air to run over bumpy, stony or rocky terrains. Rubber tires are best to carry heavy and bulky loads.

Bed material

Bed materials are usually made up of rigid steel material as it lasts for years without getting any damages. Steel beds are heavy, strong and can hold up heavyweights. However, it can rust, gets damaged or discolored due to acidic substances. Polyethene is the second type of material used in the making of the garden cart’s bed. They are light compared to steel ones and also run smoothly in rainy weather. Plastic beds are incredibly light in matter, easy to pull and comfortable to use. But the main problem with plastic beds is they get damaged over time due to the exposure of sun, rain and dust. They get cracks quickly, and you need to take good care of these beds.

Your capacity and strength

Garden cart is something that you need to use and push around by yourself. Before choosing a garden cart, you need to know your ability and strength to carry the cart around. If you have less power, you won’t be able to operate heavy-duty garden carts. You can connect the garden cart to a tractor if you are unable to carry it by yourself. Otherwise, you can go for a lighter capacity garden cart.

Top 10 Best Garden Carts

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart4.6
WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly4.5
AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity4.7
Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 3.25-Cubic4.5
Polar Trailer #8376 Utility Cart4.6
Timber Ridge Camping Wagon Folding Garden Cart4.7
Best Choice Products Heavy-Duty Steel Garden Wagon Lawn Utility Cart4.4
Meda | Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart4.5
Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart4.4
Seina Manual 150 Pound Capacity Heavy Duty Folding Utility Cart4.8

1. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

Gorilla garden cart features a quick-release dump to make the unloading easy and fast. Heavy-duty construction makes the cart durable to harsh weather, and even helps in all your heavy hauling needs.

The construction

The beautiful black gorilla cart comes with a length of 40 inches and width of a 25-inch poly bed steel frame which is highly resistant to corrosive elements. This model has a hauling capacity of 1200 pounds, capable of carrying all the gardening tools at ease.

What we like the most

The 2 in 1 convertible D-shaped handle adds flexibility for easy carrying and dumping. At the same time, the 13-inch tires make the transportation easy on all surfaces. Hence you can quickly put all the compost, mulch, and plants without any hesitation. Moreover, the cart comes with a one-year warranty.

What are the downsides

The heavy-duty construction and the weight of the cart add a burden to your mobility.

2. WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly

WORX is a popular company known for manufacturing the best garden tools to meet all the gardening applications. Here comes the Worx 8 in 1 aerocraft garden cart to transport tremendous weights comfortably all around your garden.  The eight in one lawn cart quickly transforms into a bag holder, cylinder carrier, yard cart, plant mover, trailer tote and a lot more.

The construction

This garden cart uses a cylindrical steel bed to carry the loads. The steel bed and the wheels are well placed so that they can easily turn 200 pounds into 17 pounds weight. Based on your requirement, you can quickly turn your garden cart to a dolly cart and even as a wheelbarrow.

What we like the most

Irrespective of loads, the flat rugged tires make your transportation easy. The wheels and the bed have the right center of gravity so you can easily do eight works with this simple tool without anyone’s bits of help. The unit includes a cylinder holder, plant mover strap, and a bag holder to secure your weights. You can easily tackle the garden cart without any troubles and even if can not handle heavy weights.

What are the downsides

Everyone loved the quality of the tool and are extremely satisfied with its features. So no downsides!

3. AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart, 2-Cubic Foot Capacity

To simplify your gardening works here comes a beautifully crafted design from  AMES. Unlike other models, AMES 1123047100 features a closed lid construction to protect the essentials in the cart.

The construction

The cart comes with two cubic foot capacity to easily hold your garden tools, plants, and even garden waste. The 7-inch diameter wheels help to carry the load safely around your garden. Further, the lid acts as a sturdy seat to decrease your stress and relax your body.

What we like the most

The handle flips up conveniently to move the heavy loads at ease. No matter whatever may be the load, the smooth tires, steel axles, and the super grip handle make your work hassle-free.

What are the downsides

The design is convenient for households to hold applications. The cart design is little stubborn in nature but 90% customers are satisfied with all the features.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 3.25-Cubic

Rubbermaid commercial gardening products are famous all around the world because of their unique and innovative design. Rubbermaid lawn cart is such a model to reduce your stress of to and fro transportation of goods from the garage to your lawn.

The construction

The cart is a 3.25cubic foot roughneck lawn cart with two rugged wheels that give smooth and cosy transportation. It is designed with a height of 7.5 inches and 4:4 length and width. Thus, capable of holding weights above 200 pounds.

What we like the most

The fixed wheels are designed well to have smooth movement on both the rocky terrains and smooth surfaces. The lawn cart comes at an affordable price to meet all your garden necessities. It is a highly recommended product on our list, as it has reasonable control and maneuverability.

What are the downsides

For heavy-duty applications, the construction is not up to mark. Apart from that, features and quality are useful.

5. Polar Trailer #8376 Utility Cart

No more hesitations to carry heavy-duty loads in your cart. Here comes the ergonomic design of the Polar trailer cart with rugged and durable construction to carry all your garden waste,  grass clippings, garden tools, mulch, and even firewood.

The construction

The lawn cart tub is made of polyethylene to withstand rust, rain, and even rough climates. The volume of the tub is ten cubic feet which are highly flexible for hauling yard debris to camping gear. The two spoked wheels come with ball bearings to have smooth transportation around the yard.

What we like the most

We have to appreciate the weighing capacity of the tub, and it’s resistance to external elements. Even though weighing the heavy loads, the wheels do not lose the potential and turn flat. This garden cart is well-designed which makes it easy to use and assemble it.

What are the downsides

This garden cart is a bit expensive but don’t worry! It’s worth the money.

6. Timber Ridge Camping Wagon Folding Garden Cart

Timber ridge garden cart features an upgraded design to fit at any corner of your house quickly. The smart design, locking system, and the 360 degrees rotatable wheels make the product more competitive among the other brands. This folding garden cart protects your storage space, does your gardening works with ease and comfort. The lightweight model decreases the stress on your hands and handles provides an easy way to transport gardening tools.

The construction

The folding wagon has a large interior wagon space and can support up to 150lbs. A simple button can fix the lever and match your height. It also comes with the two cups holders to carry your energy drinks or water bottles and decrease your burden. The 360degree rotating wheels and locking mechanism help rescue your garden tools from heavy winds.

What we like the most

The smart and innovative design allows the cart to be useful for multiple applications. The storage dimensions are large enough to provide convenient storage of all your gardening tools. You can transport all your gardening tools and things that you might need during the gardening process. The polyester wagon is durable to harsh climates, wind and sunlight. The garden carts are available in two different attractive colors to make your garden look gorgeous.

What are the downsides

The folding wagon cart keeps your gardening light and helps to get the job done quickly. However, the fabric is difficult to clean.

7. Best Choice Products Heavy-Duty Steel Garden Wagon Lawn Utility Cart

To reduce stress on your spine here is a beautiful piece from Best choice products. The heavy-duty steel garden cart is capable of holding all the heavy loads from rocks to soft bags.

The construction

The cart can easily remove the foldable sides and increases the ability to carry heavy loads. The hinges are flexible, and the flatbed is strong enough to hold rocks, bags, and firewood. The steel flatbed is corrosive resistant and can give you long shelf life.

What we like the most

The design and dimensions are perfect for large gardening applications.  Even the rubber wheels can steer the cart smoothly in both hard and soft surfaces.

What are the downsides

Assembling the cart is not easy; it nearly takes an hour to fix all the parts. But once it is set correctly, the cart is very easy to use.

8. Meda | Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart

The heavy-duty Meda collapsible folding wagon cart features an extraordinary design that fits all your garden applications. Unlike other designs, the wagon uses 600D fabric which is lightweight and hence helps in reducing the overall weight of the cart.

The construction

The wagon can hold up to 9.7 inches which are compact and convenient to store at any corner of your living area. The heavy-duty garden cart comes in a blue and black color combination and can hold loads up to 150lbs. Further, the extra-large wheels add flexibility to carry your loads easily from one point to another.

What we like the most

The interior room capacity is quite large to store heavy objects. Further, there are two cups holders on the side, to save your beverages. The fabric used in the making of the garden cart is resistant to fog, dust, sunlight, UV rays, mist and snow.

What are the downsides

The design is good, and you can directly use the cart after unboxing. Most of the customers loved the quality and color combinations.  It’s impossible to find something wrong about this product.

9. Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Gardenstar is a famous brand well-known for designing simple and durable tools to help landscapers. The yard rover garden cart has a tub and two wheels to easily dump the garden waste or carry the manure around your garden.

The construction

The garden cart uses a polypropylene tub to carry the load which is highly resistant to corrosion. It also has two air-filled wheels to shift the load around the lawn quickly. The load tub has a volume of 5 cubic feet and can hold a load of up to 300 pounds.

What we like the most

You need not use extra effort to carry the load,  by merely pulling the smooth loop handle, you can take the cart wherever you want. The cart comes with a user manual to make the process of assembling fast. For those who are looking for regular gardening carts with high durability, this is the best product to go with

What are the downsides

The cart can easily dump your garden wastes and also comes at an affordable cost. As per reviews, everyone loved the product.

10. Seina Manual 150 Pound Capacity Heavy Duty Folding Utility Cart

Selina’s heavy-duty utility cart is a premium product, featuring a sturdy construction and helps to lighten up your load. The compact design allows the cart to be packed in your cars easily and also ensures you easy transportation.

The construction

The utility cart is a folding cart that can change its shape and size according to the application. The maximum capacity of the load is about 150 lbs and also flexible to extra weight. The system uses four durable plastic wheels to enhance your trip around the lawn.

What we like the most

Construction of the cart is durable to all harsh elements, and the steel frame is heavily designed 5o hold heavy loads. As the unit has four wheels, you can control and handle the center of gravity of your cart. Hence, the cart is ideal for sporting events, house gardening, and even carrying bags.

What are the downsides

The fabric is highly durable and suitable well for home applications. But cleaning the material is a bit difficult and annoying.

Best Garden Carts

Frequently asked questions

What is a garden cart?

A garden cart is an essential thing that is helpful to ease the process of gardening. It provides you with a hassle-free opportunity to carry the garden tools, soil, supplies and fertilizers.

Why do you need a garden cart?

If you are a professional gardener, you might know the importance of a garden cart. It helps you to move all the gardening tools around your garden. It eliminates all the struggle and saves your energy.

What to Look for in Garden Cart?

The current marketplace is full of different garden cart models which makes it hard for anyone to choose the best one. You can go through our detailed buying guide to ease out your selection process and invest in the right one that perfectly completes all your requirements.

What Will You Be Carrying?

Garden cart models are built to carry different weights. If you want to carry stones or soil, you should go for a heavy-duty garden cart. Do not choose a garden cart made up of fabric sides which get damaged quickly due to the corrosion with rough surfaces. If you would like to dump things after gardening, you need to choose a dump cart.

What Kind Of Terrain the cart needs to cover?

To make the garden cart run smoothly, you need to choose the right kind of tires. Most garden carts are designed with wheels that cope with any terrain. Plastic tires run faster on the grass and smooth tires whereas rubber tires do better performance in bumpy terrains.


A Garden cart is not the necessary tool to look for; it is the only option left to you to make your gardening effortless and uncomplicated. We hope this list of top ten best garden carts will help you to choose a high quality garden cart that meets your expectations. Don’t waste time, grab the opportunity, and buy the best garden cart that suits the garden area. Happy shopping!

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