Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels 2019

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A garden hose reel is the most important garden tool you’ve never thought about. You have probably either bought the cheapest one you could find or just used whatever reel happened to fall into your possession. 

Even worse, maybe you have never used a garden hose reel before. In that case, you know what it is like to struggle to coil the hose after every use. It is time consuming and inconvenient. 

In either case, you need a good garden hose reel. Here are some of the benefits this important garden tool offers:

  • A garden hose reel saves you time over coiling the hose by hand.
  • A garden hose reel prevents damage to your lawn from having the hose laying in the grass.
  • A garden hose reel prevents tripping over your hose.
  • A garden hose reel lengthens the life of your hose.
  • A garden hose reel makes your yard look neater.

Best Garden Hose Reel

If you don’t yet have a garden hose reel, you will want to buy one as soon as possible. If you do have one, you may want to explore your options to see if another, better one is out there. 

Either way, you want to start with the best options available. To get you started, we have compiled a list of this year’s best garden hose reels.

8 Best Garden Hose Reels of 2019

Price is important, but there are other features that make a garden hose reel the best. From retractable coilng to wall-mounted convenience, all of these reels stand out for their high quality and ability to make your life easier.

1. Eley Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel – Best Overall Product

This Eley garden hose reel is one of the most expensive reels on the market but also one of the most heavy duty ones. This reel is made of aluminum instead of steel to prevent rusting. In addition, it is designed for smooth coiling of up to 150 feet of ⅝ inch hose or 100 feet of ¾ inch hose (hose not included).

To make it simple to uncoil the amount of hose you want, it features a cam lock that prevents the entire length of hose from unreeling without impeding your ability to pull the length you want. 

The Eley garden hose reel mounts to the wall vertically or horizontally. It can also be mounted to make coiling and uncoiling simpler for both right handed and left handed individuals. A 10-year warranty guarantees the quality of this item for a full decade. 

The Eley garden hose also comes with strong metal fittings designed to be crush and leak proof. The only downsides to consider with this product are its price and the fact that it is not decorative in appearance. 



  • Aluminum construction
  • Versatile mounting
  • Sturdy fittings
  • 10-year warranty



  • Pricey
  • Non decorative

2. Coxreels Steel Hand Crank Hose Reel – Best Premium Product 

The Coxreels steel hand crank garden hose reel is one of the leading industrial strength reels on the market today. It consists of a powder coated steel “A” frame that is all one piece. As a result, it does not have bolts that can rust. 

In addition, this garden hose reel, which can hold 100 feet of hose (hose not included), has a specialized design to prevent crimping in the hose. Features like rolled edges, ribbed discs, and brass or nickel plated swivels allow it to handle pressures of up to 3,000 psi.

This reel mounts to a wall and possesses swivels that rotate 90 degrees so you can attach or remove a hose without needing to take the reel off the wall. 

Buyers should be aware that this reel needs adaptors to fit standard garden hoses. In addition, this is a manual crank reel, without automatic coiling abilities, and it is the most expensive reel on the list.



  • Industrial strength steel design
  • High pressure capabilities
  • Mountable



  • Requires adaptors for garden hoses
  • Very expensive
  • Manual crank

3. RL Flo-Master Retractable Garden Hose Reel – Best for Budget

This Flo-Master retractable garden hose reel is a great deal because it includes a 65-foot, ⅝ inch hose along with the reel. 

The reel itself is constructed primarily of plastic, which can make it less durable than its aluminum or steel counterparts. This product does receive some negative reviews for leaking shortly after purchase. 

This garden hose reel mounts to the wall and swivels 180 degrees for greater convenience. It retracts slowly and includes a hose stopper to ensure you can get the hose in and out with ease. 



  • Included hose
  • 180-degree swivel
  • Retractable
  • Low price



  • Plastic construction
  • Prone to leakage

Liberty Garden 4-Wheel Hose Cart

Instead of mounting to the wall, this Liberty Garden hose reel comes as a cart supported by four pneumatic tires. Made entirely of 13-gauge, 1.5 inch steel, it is intended to be sturdy. A powder coating helps this garden hose reel resist damage from inclement weather conditions. 


This garden hose reel holds a hefty 250 feet of ⅝ inch hose (not included). Fittings are galvanized brass. 


The primary downside to this product is the fact that it is made of steel, which is more likely to rust than is aluminum. One other downside is the fact that it received some negative reviews for the durability of the steel.



  • Sturdy tire support
  • Powder coating
  • Large storage capacity



  • Steel construction may make it more prone to rusting
  • Occasional damage to frame or inlet hose

Liberty Garden Industrial 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel

This garden hose reel from Liberty Garden is designed for toughness and durability in big yards. It is made of powder coated steel with galvanized brass fittings. It sits on four 8-inch pneumatic tires for stability and maneuverability. It also possesses a low center of gravity to make it less likely to tip over when being moved or when the hose is being pulled off the reel.


In addition to its maneuverability, it has significant storage capacity. It can hold up to 300 feet of ⅝ inch hose (hose not included). It comes with a 5-foot leader hose and a swivel connector that can move 90 degrees. For greater convenience of handling, it comes with a non slip handle grip and a storage shelf. For peace of mind, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


The biggest downside to this garden hose reel is the steel construction which makes it more prone to rusting. 



  • Convenience features like a storage shelf and non slip handle
  • Sturdy tire support
  • Powder coating
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Large storage capacity



  • Steel construction which makes it prone to oxidation and rust

Suncast Powerwind 100-Foot Garden Hose Reel

This Suncast garden hose reel is a battery-operated retractable garden hose reel. It uses a rechargeable 12-volt battery to retract the hose when you press a pedal.


This garden hose reel has a smaller capacity than do some other garden hose reels, holding up to 100 feet of ⅝ inch hose (hose not included). Its mostly plastic construction may also impact its long-term durability, especially since the fittings are also plastic.


However, this garden hose reel comes with convenience features like a tilting tray that can store small gardening items, and a manual back up crank. 


The battery earns strong reviews for its durability, with one charge being sufficient for the majority of the season. Each battery can be recharged up to 20 times. 



  • Battery-operated retraction
  • Rechargeable 12-volt battery
  • Storage tray
  • Back up crank



  • Plastic construction
  • Smaller storage capacity compared to other garden hose reels

Liberty Garden Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

This mounted garden hose reel from Liberty Garden is designed to be beautiful as well as functional. Its aluminum body is less likely to rust, and powder coating makes it extra durable. A spiral design on the body makes this a pretty as well as a practical addition to the yard. 


The garden hose reel can hold up to 125 feet of ⅝ inch hose. Brass fittings add extra durability. A storage shelf holds garden tools and items, while the reel also comes fully assembled. All that needs to be attached is the handle. 


Downsides to this product are customer complaints of leakage as well as the fact that mounting hardware is not included.



  • Beautiful design
  • Brass fittings
  • Fully assembled



  • Customer complaints of leakage
  • Mounting hardware not included

Suncast Aquawinder Wicker Garden Hose Reel

This Suncast garden hose reel combines beauty and functionality by hiding the hose inside a resin wicker basket. Even better, it works by using water pressure to automatically rewind the hose. All you do is flip a switch to start the process.


This garden hose reel houses up to 200 feet of ⅝ inch vinyl hose (hose not included). A Smart Trak system helps to prevent tangling of the hose as it winds. 


This garden hose reel does receive some negative reviews for the durability of the plastic Smart Trak system. In addition, this tool does expel up to 6 gallons of water during use. 



  • Beautiful design
  • Hands-free winding



  • Smart Trak prone to breakage
  • Use of water during winding process


How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

When looking at a list of garden hose reel, how do you identify the best ones for your yard? While personal preference plays a big role, there are some factors you need to consider before you buy.

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose Reel


Each garden hose reel will hold a specific length of hose. A typical length is between 100-150 feet. Before you buy a garden hose reel, take the hose length capacity into consideration. If you have an average-sized lawn, you probably only need 100 feet of storage. If your yard is big, however, you may want to invest in a garden hose reel with 200 or even 300 feet of storage capacity.

Manual vs Retractable

Most garden hose reels require you to wrap the hose up using a manual crank. Some, however, use battery power or water pressure to retract the hose. Before buying a garden hose reel, consider whether you can physically handle manual coiling or whether you want the convenience of a retractable garden hose reel.


Wall mounted garden hose reels take up less space and look good. However, they are not as portable as those on wheels. Before you buy a garden hose reel, think about whether you need that portability to get the job done. 


Naturally, you want your garden hose reel to last as long as possible. To that end, take the time to find a durable reel. For example, consider the material from which the frame is made, the material from which the fittings are made, warranties, and customer reviews. 


Before you head out to buy one of the 8 best garden hose reels on our list, you may find you have some questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about garden hose reels. 

What is the most important feature to have in a garden hose reel? 

As you have seen, there are a number of features to consider in a garden hose reel. The most important feature, however, is probably the quality of the materials. No matter how it looks or how easy it is to use, you need a garden hose reel that will last for years. 

Why do I need a garden hose reel?

Spending money on a garden hose reel might seem a little silly. You can always just coil your hose on itself to store it. The reality, however, is that a reel saves you time and effort. Faster than coiling a hose by hand, it also looks nicer and, most importantly, extends the life of your hose. 

How do garden hose reels extend the life of my hose? 

A hose may actually last you longer if you use a garden hose reel. When left on the ground, the hose can more easily become dried out or wet from being in contact with the ground. Changes in temperature and dryness can lead to splitting and leaks in the hose. In addition, a hose left carelessly in the yard may be accidentally run over by a lawn mower.


A garden hose reel prevents these problems by keeping your hose dry and secure off the ground. As a result, it allows the hose to last longer and require less frequent replacement. 

How often should I replace my garden hose reel?

If you purchase a high quality garden hose reel, you shouldn’t have to replace it very often. The best reels can go a decade or even longer when cared for properly. If you want peace of mind about how long your reel will last, choose one of the best garden hose reels on the market and select a warranty plan that covers your reel for a number of years. 

Where should I mount my garden hose reel?

If you choose a mountable garden hose reel, you should place it in a location that maximizes the reach of your hose. Many people choose to place it inside their garage to protect it from the elements or they place it outside the garage along one of the wooden frames. Wherever you place it, make sure it is near a spigot and easily accessible.


A garden hose reel can be a useful addition to your yard tool collection. By extending the life of your hose and saving you time, it can even save you money over the long term. Just make sure you buy a high quality item that will last you for many years. With beauty, functionality, storage, and more, our list of the 8 best garden hose reels should get your decision making off to a good start. 



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