5 Best Garden Tillers 2020

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Garden tillers are the best machines gardeners think of when it comes to tilling land evading them from the tiresome groundbreaking process. Having the best tiller enables the gardener to have a smooth operation while tilling which saves him or her energy, time, and also greater outputs.

Our criteria for selecting the best garden tiller is elementary, we shall look at some of the factors to consider while selecting the best garden tiller. These factors input power, power output, the direction of tines, the direction of tines rotation, usage, size of the tiller, and smoothness of operation, safety, and maintenance.

Due to the rapid changes in technology, it’s difficult to have a single model being regarded as the best as it also depends on what grounds it’s used to be the best. Reviews and ratings made on some of the tillers have made them be ranked among the best tillers.

To be precise, here’s a summary of the factors to consider for the best tiller.

Best Garden Tillers

Input Power

The type of input power that propels the tiller depends on whether it is gas or electrically powered. Electric tillers have greater advantages over the gas-powered as they consume less power, easy to maintain and they are light. There are two types of electric tillers; corded and rechargeable electric tillers. Corded tillers are connected to a power supply point disadvantaging them from mobile tillers.

On the other hand, gas-powered tillers are considered the best due to their large power outputs, mobility and can be used on large gardens with ease. Their greatest mishap first is that they are not ecologic as they emit toxic exhaust fumes; require gas which comes at a cost and high maintenance cost.

Power Output

Most concern about machines is at the output where the value for all the inputs is examined. Gas-powered tillers have a greater output power than electric tillers. This factor is due to the combustion power of gas that produces high power for tilling and for safety purposes electric tillers producing high outputs are risk hazards during operation.

Tillers with high outputs are advantageous as they can work on large gardens for a longer time with ease.

Mode of Tines

The mode of tines operation is front, rear, and vertical. Front tine tillers are designed to maneuver in narrow rows of the garden as the tines are placed in front of the moving wheels. They have a demerit of having less power than the other tillers.

On the other hand, rear tined tillers are more powerful and are preferably used on breaking new ground. Its tines are located at the back of the machine. It has the advantage of changing the mode of rotation of tines; some are forward rotating, counter-rotating and for some, they have both rotations.

Vertical tined tillers are not commonly used as they are still new and penetrating the market. The vertical tiller out powers the rest by cutting forward rather than downwards compared to the rear and front tine tillers. This gives them the advantage of fast tilling.

The direction of Tine Rotation

There are four kinds of rotation tines that select the best tiller namely; standard rotating, counter-rotating, dual rotating, and vertical dual rotating tines.

  • Standard rotating tines move in the forward direction as that of the wheels that are well used on earlier prepared ground.
  • Counter-rotating tines move against the direction of wheels that makes them more useful in breaking new ground.
  • Dual rotating tines can either be moved against or in the forward direction of the wheels.
  • Vertical dual rotating tines are used mainly on high powered tillers as they break through the soil leaving it aerated with fine texture ready for planting.

This makes rear tined tillers the best as you can choose the rotation modes depending on your preference.


The intended purpose of the tiller is also a point to note since it depends on whether it’s for commercial or self-purposes. Commercial purpose tillers require higher outputs as they are expected to work for longer hours for better production while home purpose tillers might not require much power output.

Soil type here is a concern as to whether the till is to be used for breaking new ground or on already tilled gardens.

Size of Tiller and Storage

Best tillers should be made wide to cover a larger area of the garden in a short time. Also, its wheels should be relatively high to make it easy to maneuver smoothly.  The handles should be raised to fit the gardener not to stress him push or pull the tiller. Their size matters when it comes to storage as bulky ones are difficult and space consuming.

Safety and Maintenance

‘Safety First’, will always remain to be the core principle when handling machines. Best tillers should be equipped with safety features such as cord hooks for attaching electric cords, safety switch, and instant start proper insulation.

On the maintenance part, the tiller should be pocket-friendly to the gardener. Electric tillers are cheaper to maintain though they produce less power while gas-powered are a little costly when it comes to servicing and maintaining.


When it comes to price, the best tillers are not considered costly but worth the value as they depict in their productivity. As everyone loves a good bargain different online selling sites have got different prices on the same commodity leaving you room to choose. Depending on the taste and preference of the user, one would go for the best that fits his intentions no matter the price tag. Most tillers are shipped for free to a customer who also enjoys great discounts on spare parts.

In other words, it is not an easy task identifying the best tiller and to lend a helping hand to the matter, we have compiled the best tillers as rated by reviews made on best online shopping sites 2020.

Top 5 Best Garden Tillers

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller4.9
Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator4.8
Craftsman C210 9-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator/Tiller4.7
Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator, red4.8
SuperHandy Mini Tiller Cultivator Super Duty4.6

1. Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller

This is one of Sun Joe’s outstanding best tiller model bought with reviews and ratings in all gardening sites. It’s one of a kind with features that reflects the reviews it has. From its simple but stunning look, Sun Joe TJ604E is the corded electric tiller of the moment, have a look!

As you can see from the appearance, the tiller is simply assembled and its light with safety features. This tiller has been rated the best due to attaining the following;

Input Power

Son Joe TJ604E 13.5Amp electric tiller is a corded electric tiller that consumes a current of 13.5Amps to drive its motor. Compared to other electric tillers 13.5Amps is much low input compared to the output power it provides.

It is corded thus it has to be connected to a power source to operate. This gives it the limitation of working on large gardens as it restricts it from moving longer lengths.

Output Power

This tiller produces the best power output from its less input of 13.5Amps; this can be determined by the rate of work by dividing the area of the garden by the time taken to till the garden. According to the reviews made on the output power, it serves its purpose best!

Mode of Tines

Sun Joe TJ604E is front tined with six angled tines that incorporate the soil mixture, cutting weed roots leaving the soil well aerated. It’s for the mode of tines that this tiller portrays its multitasking capabilities of weeding, tilling, and aerating the soil.

The direction of Tine Rotation

Front tillers have got the advantage of having the same direction of rotation as that of the wheels during tilling. It’s for this purpose that also demerits the tiller as it does not have options as rear tined tillers have.

Its forward rotations leave the soil with different states and fine textures leaving the option for the farmer to choose which direction of tine rotation suits.


Due to its corded property, Son Joe TJ604E and be used in breaking new ground for small gardens as it is mounted to a power source. It comes with a power extension cord that can stretch providing longer lengths to till medium-sized gardens. Its six slasher shaped tines are mainly for root cutting of weeds, cutting into the ground, breaking the soil, and providing soil aeration.

Size and Storage of Tiller

Son Joe TJ604E has got six spaced tines having a tilling width of 16inches and the tines going to a depth of 8inches. The width is advantageous as it fits in between rows well weeding and leaving plant roots untouched.

This is the best tiller when it comes to storage as it has got foldable handles, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and its lightweight. Since it is an electrical machine, it should be stored in a cool, dry, and free from liquid spillage away from the reach of children.

Safety and Maintenance

Its magnificent safety features make it one of the best electric tillers. It has got cord hooks that provide attachment points for the cord not to obstruct during movement, a start button, and a throttle to control the speed during operation. The handles are well insulated giving protection from electric shocks if faulty and the wheels provide a safe movement eliminating carrying risk.

It has got minimal maintenance costs as it has got a few electrical components. It is ranked best due to its ergonomic condition in that its eco-friendly, easy to handle, and being pocket friendly too.

Its maintenance does not require much apart from blowing it to remove dust which affects electrical components.


Son Joe TJ604E corded electric tiller is readily available in the market at wanting prices a small or medium-sized gardener can afford. The tiller comes with discounts on spares bought overseas and shipment of the whole tiller is free on guru online sites.

Apart from the spares, it comes with a two-year warrant that serves the gardener not to have benefits of doubt on the product.

In conclusion, Son Joe TJ604E 16inch 13.5Amp corded electric tiller is the best tiller as the reviews on it are overwhelming due to its simplicity, lightweight, input power, pricing, ease of use, and safety features. We would highly recommend this as the best tiller and go ahead and buy it.

2. Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Earthwise TC70016 corded electric tiller is an exceptional garden tiller for multi-tasking purposes, with the 13Amp motor-driven power it has capabilities of tilling to a width of sixteen inches and eight inches deep.

With its six adjustable tines which are spaced to till a width of 16inches, it is proved to be the best garden tiller since it cuts weed roots, cutting into the soil, breaking the soil, incorporating soil with air, and improving soil aeration.

With its dark bold appearance, this tiller has horned reviews and ratings above 4.5 on online platforms for the above reasons. Here is how it looks.

It has got safety features such as the electric cord hook which provides attachment for the cord not to be cut during operations or cause obstruction during the maneuver. It also has got large wheels that assist during movements and a start button.

Input power

Earthwise TC70016 is a powerful 13.5Amp corded electric tiller that provides power output that is used for multitasking gardening operations leaving the soil with fine texture and well aerated. According to its production, this power input is minimal concerning its output favoring the gardener by being pocket friendly with electricity bills.

Output power

This tiller is said to be the best electric garden model of its class. It’s a powerful machine that has got the power to multi-task following the gardener choice. The power is used to cut through the soil, cut through weed roots, turn the soil, and aerate the soil.

Mode of Tines

Earthwise TC70016 is a front tined tiller as the tines are in front of the wheels. This gives them the advantage of stability and can move through narrow rows. Front tine tillers are said to have a high power than cultivators but have got less power compared to the rear tined tillers.

The direction of Tine Rotation

Front tined tiller has the greatest disadvantage over other tillers by not having different rotations that would depend on the wants of the gardener. Front tined tillers only rotate in the forward direction as the wheel breaking the ground, loosen the soil and incorporate air in the soil.


This tiller can be used for breaking new ground as its tough tines penetrate through the soil 8inches deep, turning the soil, weeding, and improving soil aeration.

They can be used in small gardens and by the existence of an extension electrical cord it can be used in medium-sized gardens. Their ability to maneuver through narrow rows gives them the advantage of weeding between rows without affecting plant roots.

Safety and Maintenance

Earthwise TC70016 has got safety features that make it to be ranked among the best garden tillers. From the instant start button and the control bar which when released turns off the tiller motor.

The grips handle which provides easy handling of the tiller during operation also reducing vibrations due to groundbreaking. A 13.5Amp power intake is a standard amount of current which is safe from wild electric shocks in case their electrical faults.

This an ergonomic machine as it attests to be both eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too. This is so as they require minimal maintenance thereby saving on maintenance cost.


This earth breaking monster comes at a reasonable price considering the kind of job it does thus its productivity.

This tiller comes with a warranty of two years; this means manufacturers’ faults will be rectified for free in the given period.

In summary, Earthwise TC70016 16inch 13.5Amp corded electric tiller is one of the best corded electric tillers that have had a review with a 4.8-star rating. Its multitasking capabilities, lower input power, powerful output drive, less maintenance cost, and its safety features make it highly recommended thus gardeners shouldn’t hesitate to buy.

3. Craftsman C210 9-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator/Tiller

Craftsman C21O is another spectacular garden tiller is powered by a 25cc 2-cycle powerful gas engine. This tiller is considered the best garden tiller due to its specifications such as being a 25cc 2-cycle engine; it consumes very little fuel as input power compared to its output power.

Its greatest advantage is its mobility to move freely without restrictions and the greater power output. The tiller is 9inch adjustable width, lightweight, easy to use, 3 tined tiller, removable movement wheels, and v-shaped handgrip for greater handling. All this is illustrated below.

Its chisel tines are used to cut through rocky hard soils to a depth of 5inches, turning soil and aerating the soil. It has lock pins at the ends which is a safety feature restricting tine from coming out.

Input power

Craftsman C210 is a gas-powered 25cc 2-cycle engine garden tiller that combusts the gas provided and produces a powerful output measured in horsepower. The merit of this tiller is that it consumes very little fuel for large outputs as given evidence by the reviews.

It also consumes other inputs such as engine oil for better running of the engine. Such factors increase the maintenance cost and input cost.

Output power

No matter how little this enormous tiller consumes, its output is overwhelming and greater than that of electric powered tillers. The output power is large that the wheels are removed and the engine propels by using their tines to move while tilling.

The large output gives the tiller advantage of having greater speed as it has the variable speed throttle hence takes less time.

Mode of Tines

It’s a front tined tiller since the tines are in front of the movement wheels. The main reason is due to its low engine capacity and it’s mainly intended to work on vegetable gardens best. The chisel-shaped tines cut forward into the soil breaking the shrubby ground, break huge soil clumps, turn the soil and aerate it.

The direction of Tines rotation

Since it is a front tined tiller, the tines rotate in the forward direction just as the movement wheels. Front tined tillers are disadvantaged by not having the freedoms of rotation like rear tined tillers.

It has got its merit in the forward rotation of tines as it leaves shrubs roots cut down while the rocky or hard ground in fine texture ready for planting.


Craftsman C210 has got enough power to penetrate the chisel-shaped tines through hard, rocky, and shrubby garden soil leaving them well mixed up assisting in aeration of the soil.

They can be used on a compromised topography since it’s mobile and doesn’t have cords that will restrict its movement. Also, it can be used in large gardens due to its powerful engine.

Safety and Maintenance

Its safety features rating is above 4.5 making it the safest gas-powered garden tiller via reviews and ratings by users. Its easy start, lightweight, and easy to maneuver are some of the safety features that make it a standalone tiller.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s a little costly as it requires servicing which requires new oil, its gas-powered and it’s not eco-friendly due to exhaust gas emissions. The only advantage it has is that it’s less costly due to its 2-cycle property making it better than 4cycle in terms of gas consumption.

Its simple assembly makes it easier for storing it reducing the space as also its handlebars can be retracted.


Gas-powered garden tillers are relatively cheap compared to electric ones with the same output. This is countered by the costly expenses incurred during maintenance. Still, there are great discounts on spares.

Craftsman C210 comes with a 5-year warranty as gases powered are prone to long hours before due service or encountering problem. In some country’s taxation due to ergonomic conditions, penalties apply.

To conclude we can say Craftsman C210 9inch 25cc 2-cycle powered engine is one of a kind compared to other gas-powered tillers it’s the most pocket-friendly of all. This is attributed mainly due to its less gas consumption with powerful output power. With the reviews mainly on ease of operation and safety, it has horned millage and is being the best garden tiller.

4. Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator, red

This is the superb model in the mantis garden tiller models. It’s regarded as the best in the 4-cycle series of gas-powered garden tillers. The tiller is well known for its depth of tilling as its tines to 10inches, while its 9inches widely spaced. The Mantis 7940 tiller is light compared to other 4-cycle engine series; it weighs 25pounds which is easy to handle during movement.

Here is how it looks like.

Input power

Mantis 7940 is a 4-cycle powered engine tiller which is said to be the lightest of all 4-cycle engine garden tillers with less gas consumption and great power outputs. It’s powered by a powerful 25cc 4-cycle Honda engine which has double the power used by the same type but 2-cycled engine.

These are some of the advantages of Mantis7940 by doubling the output power while retaining low gas consumption.

Output power

The powerful Honda 25cc 4-cycle produces high power out that rotates the long tines through deep cuts of 10inches deep and a 9inch width through the rows. This enables weeding without other plant roots disturbance, breaking hard grounds, turning the soil over, and incorporating soil mixture with air.

Mode of tines

This tiller is classified as a rear tined tiller since its tine has got no wheels behind it. This reason makes it the best 4-cycle gas tiller. This is due to its ability to break through the new ground, cut through deep-rooted weeds, turn the soil, and provide a better aeration niche.

It’s advantageous as the fine texture is acquired from hard grounds using this type of tiller.

The direction of Tines Rotation

Rear tined tillers have got other forms of rotation such as the standard rotation tines, counter-rotation tines, dual rotation tines, and vertical dual rotation tines. Each of these rotation directions has a different solution making it advantageous due to its multi-tasking capabilities in rotating the tines.

The gardeners’ knowledge of soil types makes it easier to choose what types of tines are suitable when purchasing. Generally, the merit with the different rotation direction forms is breaking the soil for fine texture and aeration.


This type of Mantis 7940 gas-powered garden tillers have been prone to work well on hard, rocky, and shrubby gardens. Its mobility enables it to work on large gardens and rough terrain.

It is easy to handle and smoothness of operation is achieved as the throttle controlling it is mounted on the handgrip pedal.

Since they don’t have wheels and require to be carried they can be used near home.

Safety and Maintenance

It has got a finer controlled throttle which regulates the speed of the tiller during operation. The kickstand enables the gardener to erect it on stand preventing it from falling damages. Its lightweight is also a safety feature as it can be folded and carried by hands since it doesn’t have movement wheels.

Mantis 7940 is gas-powered hence it has got more maintenance practices to be carried out before due service. Carrying out routine inspections before and after work help in maintaining the tiller pro-longing its service life.

Greasing moving parts and lubrication helps save on wear and tear of the tiller parts reducing the maintenance cost.


As everyone rushes for better bargains, Mantis7940 comes at a price worth its value. Through the power output power that leaves no ground unturned with the low gas consumption, its price is affordable.

To come up with a conclusion, Mantis 7940 25cc 4-cycle Honda gas gardening tiller performs well on gardens with hard soil and gardens intended to plant deep-rooted plants due to its deep tilling. We therefore highly recommend this garden tiller and thank us later for the overwhelming outcomes.

5. SuperHandy Mini Tiller Cultivator Super Duty

The super-handy mini tiller is a prototype gas-powered tiller that has outstanding features from the rest of gas-powered tillers. By having a powerful 2-stroke single-cylinder 55cc OHV engine, the engine has got an output of 3horsepower which is a large driving power.

This is the outstanding merit is portrayed as it has a low gas consumption of 55cc and a high rated output power of 3horsepower.

With such an amount of output power, one can till an area of 50 by 50 with less than an hour. This can be achieved through its forward tilling and the powerful gas engine. It has got a tank capacity of a liter of fuel with a simple assembly and lightweight.

Its EPA certified giving a surety that it’s a safe machine to operate and handle as it has passed various standards test. This is indicated in the diagram by the lock pins it and a recoil starter also are safety features as shown below.

Input power

This super-handy mini tiller is gas-powered having a 55cc 2-cycle single-cylinder OHV engine which produces 3hp. In comparison to other front tines, this mini tiller has proved to be super-efficient in fuel consumption.

This is quite a low unit of consumption used compared to the large output power from a single-cylinder 2-cycle engine.

Output power

Its power output is brilliant as it produces 3hp that drives the tines through hard breaking grounds with ease and smooth operations. The said drive power rotates the tines at a higher speed than other tillers of 55cc class and below.

This output power from an OHV engine is overwhelming as it has extra strength that can drive the tiller for longer and fast.

Mode of tines

The tiller is front tined as the tines are in front of the movement wheels. This provides forward tilling which is advantageous to the gardener as it cuts through roots of weeds, cut through the soil, breaking the soil particles, and mixing the soil with air to provide better soil aeration.

The direction of Tines Rotation

Here it’s where we find the tiller having a limitation of rotating only on one direction amid rear tined tillers which have got other rotation direction of tines. These leaves the soil with a fine texture, aerated, and ready for planting.


Handy mini tillers are mostly used in vegetable gardens where roots penetration is the greatest factor to consider. This is due to the breaking of soil clamps leaving a fine texture which boosts soil capillarity.

Safety and Maintenance

This mini-tiller has got a start switch next to the left handle and below it a throttle handle that enhances speed control during operation.

Since the till is EPA certified, it means it has passed the standard of quality and proven to be fit for use. The safety lock pins are used to prevent tines from coming out during operation due to the high 230rpm.

Gas-powered garden tillers are costly to maintain as they require gas and oil mainly to operate. The wear and tear are great as the high 230rpm is prone to the friction of some parts increasing wear and tear.

Regular and routine maintenance and inspection of the mini tiller are recommended to avoid costly maintenance. By maintaining the condition of the tiller also enhances the safety of the user and prevents risks associated with unfit machines.


Handy mini tiller is readily available in the market and its price is worth the enormous 3hp produced from the low consumed fuel. There is value for your money by purchasing this mini tiller. Considering the kind of work it can accomplish.

The mini tiller comes with a 5-year warranty which secures it from manufacturers’ damages.

To conclude we can say that handy mini tillers are considered the best gas-powered tillers of 55cc class and below. Its production is relatively high at its reviews on the output power tells it all. It is an exception since many gases or fuel-powered tillers are rear tined. We, therefore, urge gardeners to go ahead and buy the Handy mini tiller while stock lasts.

Best Garden Tillers


What are the core factors for selecting the best garden tiller?

The factors to consider when selecting the best garden tiller include tine direction (front or rear tines), input power used (is it gas/fuel or electric powered), safety, maintenance cost, its price, usage or purpose, and its storage.

When does the warranty on purchased products apply?

The warranty only applies when there is a manufacturers’ fault. In case the tiller doesn’t work as expected during the warranty period, one should ship back the item for replacement or maintenance.

What types of gas-powered garden tillers should be used on hard or rocky gardens?

Gas-powered garden tillers are considered powerful than electric tillers. Gas-powered tillers having a powerful output, rear-tined, chisel-shaped tines with safety features should be used on hard or rocky gardens.

Are rechargeable electric tillers efficient as gas-powered tillers?

Yes, rechargeable electric tillers are efficient as gas-powered tillers as they are both mobile and the power output depends on the choice of the gardener.


Up to date, the answer to; which is the best garden tiller remains unexplained by many as every gardener prefers his choice to be the best. This is mainly because the gardener will pick a tiller that is tailor-made to suit his or her needs. This has been brought about by modifications made on the different models of tillers making each one stand out on its own.

With the aid of reviews and ratings made on online markets, one can seek assistance also by asking questions at the FAQs section to select the best. This article is part of the success in selecting the best garden tiller.

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