Top 8 Best Gas-powered Weed Eaters 2020

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Whether you’re a novice or a pro having the right weed eater or string trimmer as some call them in your hands can help you to keep any lawn looking pristine.

No one wants to monkey around with a weed eater that doesn’t have the gusto to get the job done, but you also don’t want a unit that is too cumbersome for the average individual to use comfortably. With all the choices available today, you should be able to find the weed eater that best fits your hands and suits your needs with a little bit of research.

Best Gas-powered Weed Eaters

We’re going to give you a head start in the research department in this one article and provide you with the gritty details about our choices for 2020’s

Top 8 Best Gas-powered Weed Eaters 2020

Image Product Details
Husqvarna 128LD Best OverallHusqvarna 128LD
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Cutting width: 1, 700”
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Tanaka TCG24EBSP Commercial grade for the homeownerTanaka TCG24EBSP
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Cutting width: 800”
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Craftsman WS405 4-Cycle Great choice in a 4-cycleCraftsman WS405 4-Cycle
  • Weight: 17.95  lbs
  • Cutting width: N/A
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Hitachi CG23ECPSL-2-Cycle Good value with gustoHitachi CG23ECPSL-2-Cycle
  • Weight: 10.3 lbs
  • Cutting width: N/A
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Echo GT-225 2-Cycle Lightest weightEcho GT-225 2-Cycle
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Cutting width: 1, 700”
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Poulan Pro PR28SD 2-Cycle Great valuePoulan Pro PR28SD 2-Cycle
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Cutting width: N/A
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Troy-Bilt TB575EC 4-Cycle A 4-Cycle with attachmentsTroy-Bilt TB575EC 4-Cycle
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Cutting width: 1, 700”
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x-bull 2-Cycle Most Affordablex-bull 2-Cycle
  • Weight: N/A
  • Cutting width: N/A
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Let’s get the review started with our number one selection, and taking that top spot is.

1. Husqvarna 128LDStraight Shaft String Trimmer – Best Overall

Husqvarna 128LDStraight Shaft String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna has put together a homeowner’s delight with this string trimmer. While no weed eater is perfect, the versatility of this unit makes it pretty close. Not only is this a straight shaft weed eater that is lightweight (for the average Joe to wield), it has a powerful 28cc 2-stroke engine that can cut a 17” swatch out of some pretty gnarly weeds.

A tap and feed head easily disperse line, and Husqvarna has made the head easily refillable for homeowner use. Smart Start technology makes for easy starts, and the translucent fuel tank gives you real-time visual fuel levels.


  • Powerful 28cc engine
  • It has multiple attachments that create other power lawn tools.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty for homeowner use.
  • The shaft can be collapsed for easy transport or storage.


  • Some complaints that the unit needs fine-tuning to the carburetor.
  • May have small issues with line feeding.
  • This weed eater may be heavier than the 11lb dry weight description.

2. Tanaka TCG24EBSP Gas String Trimmer – Commercial grade for the homeowner

Tanaka TCG24EBSP Gas String Trimmer Review

When you see a lawn and landscape business trailer, you would be hard-pressed to not find at least one piece of equipment with a Tanaka label. Professionals use a lot of Tanaka, but it is often too expensive for the average homeowner to consider until now.

Featuring a 70” straight shaft and 23.9cc 2-stroke engine, this weed eater is built for comfort and to annihilate weeds. Padded handles and weighing in at just under 11lbs dry this is a unit that anyone could tote around, and the easy pull helps ensure you won’t pull till your arm hurts when starting this baby.

Designed to handle commercial grade service with an aluminum clutch housing, 4-bearing gearbox, and reinforced shaft, this weed eater may outlast all your other yard tools.


  • This unit can be used commercially or for homeowner use.
  • It comes with a 7-year homeowner warranty and 2-year commercial.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Quiet and easy to start.


  • It is on the higher-priced side for a homeowner unit.
  • Could use a shoulder strap for added security and comfort.
  • Could be more powerful than the average homeowner would like.

3. Craftsman WS405 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Weed Eater – Great choice in a 4-cycle

Craftsman WS405 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Weed Eater Review

Taking our top spot in the 4-cycle engine class, this weed eater offers a 29cc engine that can help you get the job done. If you don’t like having to mix gas and oil, then a 4-stroke like this one is your answer.

Featuring east start technology and a fixed string head on the straight shaft, this unit is built for handling any trimming your yard could need. This unit is quieter than most 2-cycle engines, and the design of the handle may help reduce arm fatigue.


  • This unit offers a 17in cutting head.
  • No messy mixing of gas and oil.
  • Attachment capable unit.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • This unit is a little heavier than some others at 14.2lbs.
  • May have some difficulty with replacement parts.
  • Removing the trimmer head may be problematic.

4. Hitachi CG23ECPSL-2-Cycle Gas Weed Eater – Good value with gusto

Hitachi CG23ECPSL-2-Cycle Gas Weed Eater Review

With a powerful 22.5cc 2-cycle engine and a 17” cutting width, this is not only a good value but a beast of a machine that is sure to handle anything your average yard could grow.

Featuring a long 69.5” straight shaft, anti-vibration dampeners, and s-coil starting system, this weed eater is designed to get the job done but also take care of the user.


  • It offers the ability to cut a 17” swatch per pass.
  • It offers an easy start technology.
  • May help reduce fatigue with vibration dampeners.
  • More affordable than some of the other weed eater in its class.
  • It is lightweight and under 11lbs dry.


  • Warranty information is not clear.
  • May be difficulties in getting the line to feed correctly.
  • Some complaints that it is difficult to get replacement parts.

5. Echo GT-225 2-Cycle Gas Trimmer – Lightest weight

Echo GT-225 2-Cycle Gas Trimmer Review

Many Echo products are available in your local retails stores and are a homeowner friendly choice. They offer many different models including this super lightweight model that packs a 21.2cc powerplant that should help you make quick work of your trimming chores.

Featuring a 48” curved shaft and ergonomically designed handle will help with ease of use and maneuverability for the average user. A see-thru gas tank, 16” cutting size, and their own i30 starting assist help make this unit very user-friendly.


  • Light Weight at 10lbs dry.
  • It offers the i30 start to reduce starting pull by 30%.
  • It has a 2-line rapid loader head.
  • It has a 5-year warranty on cutting head and a 2-year on the starting system.


  • May not have enough power for thick, heavy trimming.
  • You may not like the shorter curved shaft.
  • The rapid loader head requires you to constantly replace the line.

6. Poulan Pro PR28SD 2-Cycle Gas Trimmer – Great value

Poulan Pro PR28SD 2-Cycle Gas Trimmer Review

Being priced right is one thing, but also being a grass-eating beast for a good price will make you smile inside. The Poulan Pro PR28SD is just that and offers a 28cc 2-cycle gas engine and 17” cutting head to drive home its point.

This is a simple and easy to use weed eater that offers many of the same features found on pricier models like a spring-assisted starter for ease of use and a dual-line tap and go head.


  • The price is right on this model.
  • A powerful 28cc engine to get your yard looking good.
  • Easy to feed dual string bump head.
  • Can handle a larger line .95 for cutting ability.


  • It may be harder to start than some of its competitors.
  • This unit is heavier than some others.
  • Some troubles with the auto-feed.

7. Troy-Bilt TB575EC 4-Cycle String Trimmer – A 4-Cycle with attachments

Troy-Bilt TB575EC 4-Cycle String Trimmer Review

The unique thing about this Troy-Built trimmer is the ability to not only use it with different attachments, but the attachments can be from another manufacturer like Craftsman or Remington. Now that’s a game-changer if you happen to be replacing one of those multi-use models with this one.

Featuring a powerful 29cc engine, 17” cutting path and a straight shaft help to make this weed eater user-friendly. Did I mention they also offer a starter that eliminates the need to pull start the unit? Oh, and it is a 4-cycle engine, so no more mixing just gas and go.


  • It can adapt to use attachments. (even some competitors)
  • This unit does feature a 4-cycle engine for quiet running.
  • You can get a starter for this model and not have to pull start it.
  • It offers a 2-year warranty.


  • Price is a bit high for some homeowners.
  • There are complaints about it being noisy when running.
  • Users may have trouble with the line head.

8. x-bull 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer – Most Affordable

x-bull 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer Review

This is a newer brand on the market and is very budget-friendly but also has features. The manufacturer has provided you with plenty of power in a 28cc 2-cycle engine and a straight shaft to get into tough locations.

This weed eater also comes with a brush cutting blade attachment, debris shield, and dual feed line head.


  • The brush cutter blade is included.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • Newer brand and not a lot of info available.
  • The brush cutter blade can be a bit dangerous.

Things to consider before you buy a gas-powered weed eater

Buyers' Guide for Best Gas-powered Weed Eaters

Well, some of these things could also apply for battery or corded electric models, as well.

1. Engine Type

Is the engine a two-stroke or a four-stroke engine? This is important to know as adding oil to the fuel is crucial for a two-stroke engine, and not doing so can be catastrophic. Also, a four-stroke gas engine will require a bit more maintenance as the oil will need to be changed regularly to extend motor life.

2. Engine Size

Your yard size and intended usage of the weed eater may help you to determine the best engine size for your needs. Keep in mind that usually, the larger the engine, the heavier the engine. If you don’t need the power of a large engine, you may be better served with a slightly smaller and lighter weight model.

3. Straight Shaft or Curved Shaft?

This is an individual preference, but I feel, and I tend to lean towards a straight shaft on my weed eaters. The only way to determine what you like is to try them out for yourself and paying a visit to your local retail store may help you better determine the best fit for you.

TIP: Visiting your local retailer could also help you determine the best weigh model for you.

4. Bump and Feed or Centrifugal Feed Head?

Again, this can come down to personal preference and even availability, as some brands only offer a bump and feed head. A bump and feed are just that you bump the button on the ground, and more line is dispersed, whereas, with a centrifugal head, you rev the engine and snap the unit from side to side to get the line to feed.

Either works, but a bump and feed could cause you to gouge or scalp a lawn in a spot if you are not careful.

5. About that String Size

String, as it is called, is usually nylon or nylon with a reinforcing material. The string size is determined by the weed eater head size and, therefore, something you should be aware of when looking at the different models.

The string size and shape will directly affect how well your new weed eater cuts through some of the tougher grasses or weeds. There are some shapes of trimmer line that are not round but have edges that can help cut tough stuff better and help a smaller weed eater perform better.

6. Your Budget

It is easy to overspend on power equipment, so set your limit and keep within a certain range; you will be able to find a good unit within your price range if you look. Setting a limit can keep your spouse happy and keep you from feeling that you bought the wrong weed eater for your needs.

A Final Note

If you have a small yard and only use your weed eater for a couple of months a year, you may not want to break the bank on your new selection. Plus, you could possibly get another tool out of the same budget if you choose wisely.

Know what you are trying to cut down with the weed eater and decide what your power needs are, as this can help you greatly with your final selection. Take the time to investigate the different types of lines and the line suggestions for each weed eater that makes your final cut. Doing this may help you make a final selection and feel that you got the best unit for the job.

Whatever you decide on is a good choice as long as you are happy, and your new weed eater can live up to your expectations. Using your weed eater to give your yard that professionally manicured look can leave you feeling elated and proud and boost the curb appeal of your private palace.

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