Best Grow Box For Beginners 2020

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Are you a passionate gardener with short of space or want to grow your vegetables or plants indoors? Say no more! As we have brought you the solution to small space and indoor growing.

A Grow box is the solution to this as they are modern gardening technology advancement.

Grow boxes are considered the best between their class of grow rooms and grow tents. This is due to its compacted nature as it comes with everything in them you don’t need to go buy rooms or tents necessities.

Their exceptional nature makes them costly compared to grow rooms and grow tents. Grow boxes are considered best for beginners as they may be used in graphing their growth to reach experts.

It’s still difficult for us to pinpoint a single grow box as different grow boxes have different specifications and advantages that make them best on their own. By the ratings and reviews made, we have briefly summarized factors to consider for selecting the best grow box for beginners.

Type of Grow Box

Not only are grow boxes are of two types but also they are divided into two categories. The two types are open grow boxes and enclosed grow box while the two categories are hydroponic and soil-based grow boxes. With advancements in modern farming technology, indoor hydroponic grow boxes are rated and reviewed the best.

Open grow boxes are simple, easy to work on and maintain, easy to control plant growth, and it’s pocket friendly. Though they are considered as traditional methods, they are still in use and highly prolific.

On the other hand, indoor grow boxes are referred to as modern advanced grow box as plants are grown under monitored conditions such as LED lights and additional nutrients. This outraging grow box is now reviewed as the best due to the fast growth and higher production for limited space indoors. Their greatest limitation is that they are more costly in purchase and maintenance.

The Location of the Grow Box

Grow boxes are located either outdoor or indoor depending on the demands of plants or the owners’ preference. Mainly this is attributed to the size of the grow box as indoor grow boxes are meant to serve well on limited space for maximum yields while outdoor grow boxes require a quite larger space than indoor grow boxes.

Also, the number of plants to be grown in the grow box determines its size. The more plant seedlings to be grown, the larger the grow box size to accommodate the plants and maintain the required growth conditions.

The height of the grow box depends on whether the plants yield from the stems or roots. Roots harvesting plants require maximum soil depth while stem yielding plants require more free space for tall stems.


The intended purpose of the grow box is to grow vegetables or plants in a small portable ‘gardens’ for maximum yield production. Plants grown in hydroponic grow boxes grow faster than open grow box plants, this is due to the additional nutrients which come with the grow box and controlled conditions.

Most indoor grow boxes for beginners are used in control experiments and monitor the growth pattern through intermediate to expert levels of their career. Outdoor grow boxes are mainly for maximum plant production on limited space.

Size of the Grow Box

The bigger the grow box the more the plant population thus more harvest. This applies to mostly outdoor row boxes. Indoor grow boxes are smaller compared to outdoor as they require small space inside the house.

Plant population is another factor to bear in mind, more plant seedlings need large grow boxes to accommodate the plants with the growth conditions. The height of the grow box depends on the phototropic behavior of the plant stems and the negative phototropism response of the roots.

Light and Accessories

Most indoor grow boxes plants grow under Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) thus their grow box comes with accessories such as the LED light, interior reflection cushion, air pump with intake and exhaust system, hydroponic pots, and odor blockers.

LED lights are said to a suitable form of light to grow plants as researched by NASA. It’s economical and energy-saving factor make it the best light. The ability to control hours of the lights also is an added advantage as some crops require longer light periods for photosynthesis and fast growth.

Some accessories such as the odor blockers and the air pump with intake and exhaust systems are used to balance the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. Odor blockers restrict the release of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to the rooms’ atmosphere.

Price of grow box

The cost of a grow box depends on the gardener’s choice, taste, and preference. Indoor grow boxes mainly hydroponic ones are costly compared to soil type grow boxes. This is a result of the cost of its accessories, production cost, and maintenance.

Due to this fact, soil type grows boxes are cheaper and have a minimal maintenance cost. Its production mainly depends on natural conditions for growth such as water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, and warmth.

Depending on the need of the gardener, the price of the cover box is not a concern rather than getting value for his or her money.

To conclude we can say the grow box is an essential limited ground for gardening that is part of the modern gardening techniques. These boxes are used by beginners to evaluate their growth through the intermediate level to being garden experts. Also with the rapid increase in the human population, land scarcity is a major setback that calls for an alarming use of grow boxes for sustainable food production.

We have compiled and listed some of the best grow boxes according to the ratings and reviews made by users on online market platforms for you.

Best Grow Box For Beginners

Top 6 Best Grow Box For Beginners

AeroGarden Harvest-Black Indoor Hydroponic Garden4.6
SuperCloset SuperGrow box4.5
Emsco Group City Picker Raised Bed Grow Box4.4
Freehawk Hydroponic System Growing Kit4.3
TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Hydroponic Growing Dark Room4.6
BloomGrow Grow Tent Complete Kit4.3

1. AeroGarden Harvest-Black Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden black harvests grow box is an indoor hydroponic garden that utilizes LED light for plant growth. This grow box comes with the six pod gourmet seed kit which has got a supplemented 89 milliliters natural nutrients that are essential for your veggies or herbs. The six gourmet seed kit includes Dill, Thyme, Thai basil, Genovese basil, curly parsley, and Mint.

Having the grow box, seed kit, and a bottle of the whole season nutrients, the gardener only remains with planting, monitoring, and adjusting growth conditions awaiting harvesting. It is simple to use as the plants grow in water and there are no weeds as they grow box has a plant to plate since it does not have soil.

The grow box is large enough to accommodate up to 6 plants growing to a height of 12 inches. This is a good plant population as its yield satisfies the consumer demand without depending on what season it is.

It utilizes a low 20 watts full spectrum LED light which has got the right intensity for optimum growth. Depending on whether the plants are short-day, long-day, and day-neutral plants that have got different hours of light exposure the LED light can be controlled to adjust to this need. The use of this full spectrum LED light has been approved by NASA botanist after extensive research on its standards. The safety measure while using this best grow box is to avoid water reaching the light-emitting diodes.

The cost of purchase for this grow box is fair enough considering its simple structure with fewer accessories and its overwhelming production. Its maintenance cost is relatively lower compared to other indoor hydroponic grow box. For healthier, fresh, and non-seasoned produce we highly recommend any gardening beginner to go ahead buy it and grow with us.

2. SuperCloset SuperGrow box

According to reviews made on this SuperCloset grow box in our compilation, it is ranked the second for its amazing performance. It’s an indoor hydroponic garden capable of growing veggies and herbs while also cloning for the early growth stage before transplant.

The plantations grow under Feliz CFL light with minimal heat production safe for plant growth. It’s considered the best in its category as it can hold up to 8 stems which increases productivity. It’s well-structured in sustaining the plant as it has reservoirs that can store dissolved nutrients with water for watering. From its attracting light spectrum lights to its production rate, it is an award-winning grow box.

This SuperBox can be used to grow veggies and herbs as they have a single chamber more room for production is given. The box does not depend on the season for growing your plants as its growth is controlled under lighting. Its SuperPonics are automated hence they can be used for some time without human operation and can grow the plants faster, greener, and healthy. It can also be used for the cloning of plants.

The SuperCloset grow box is portable and requires average space for storage. It has got removable and adjustable panels that reflection and optimal light distribution. It’s a single cabinet box with average height for broad leaves and yields.

This grow box is different from the rest as it utilizes a full spectrum of 200 watts Feliz CFL lighting system with the box consuming 110v. It has got electrical machines which are components that utilize electric power such as the air-cooled lights, automated SuperPonics, and internal circulation fan. The lights provide a warm spectrum of light which is essential for growth.

This grow box comes at a pocket-friendly price in regards to the 100% growth of plants and increased yields. It gives back value for your money especially if you can grow cash crops. That being said it’s a bit costly. It is also safe using it as it has got key locks thus you can secure and leave for a few days without someone interfering with your plants.

We can conclude that this prototype grows box as an exemption as it uses a CFL lighting system rather than the common LED lights. From its reviews and ratings, it is evident that it is highly appreciated by the community. This is why we highly recommend you to buy this product for healthier and gardening growth.

3. Emsco Group City Picker Raised Bed Grow Box

This is another outstanding and simple of them all grow box. It is nothing but the best grow box for beginners as a newbie in gardening will find it easy to purchase and start the journey to becoming an expert. It’s simple with an automated watering system, easy to move, best sized, and can perfectly fit your balcony saving space.

Emsco group city picker raised bed to grow box is tailor-made to suit your demands for growing veggies, pepper, and tomatoes. With its well-aerated soils, it’s capable to provide better air and water infiltration into the soil.

This grow box is the best as it utilizes natural sunlight and minerals from the soil. Its open nature makes it highly productive for growing tomatoes which no food cooked can go without. Its self-watering property is evidenced by the 2-gallon water reservoir providing warmth for the soil. It also has overflow water holes that maintain soil drainage and prevents waterlogging of the grow box.

It’s one grow box anyone wouldn’t resist acquiring as it’s the best when it comes to price and maintenance cost. This is due to fewer accessories used such as the pipes and swivel casters which assist in moving the grow box. We highly recommend it to any newbie or gardening beginner to buy but don’t forget to thank us later!

4. Freehawk Hydroponic System Growing Kit

It’s a simple grow box made of tough plastic prone to breaking and aging, a six-holed hydroponic system, soilless, and convenient for use.

It’s simple and convenient as it only accommodates the six-holed hydroponic system, 1 buoy, air pump, planting basket, and planting sponge. This portrays the size of the grow box to be the most convenient space saver.

This grow box is used to grow veggies, herbs, or flowers depending on the choice of the gardener. It’s said to have a 5 times faster growth of plants than the rest of the grow boxes you’ll ever know. Plants are grown without soil but with the aid of the hydroponics and additional nutrients that come with the kit.

It should be exposed for at least 4 hours in direct sunlight to aid in its photosynthesis. By its simple nature, it comes at a reliable price that a new beginner can afford to buy thus we highly recommend it!

5. TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Hydroponic Growing Dark Room

Topolite is a grow box/ tent made to suit the need of a gardening beginner growing plants under the LED light. It measures the length of 24inches, width 24inches, and 48inches height. It’s easy to assemble and comes with free installation; it’s less bulk as it does not accommodate heavy accessories. It utilizes minimum space making it efficient for storing it indoors.

It is simple as its canvas has got vents instead of a pump with exhaust and intake pipes minimizing its price and maintenance cost. The canvas is made of heavy-duty light-proof cloth with a reflective interior assisting in the light distribution in the grow box.

This gorgeous grow box has LED lights advisable for 300w which provides a warm spectrum light that has got the right intensity for optimum growth. Accompanied by a small filter fun and a ventilation kit make it cheap to maintain. The assembly rods are painted white to aid in reflecting the UV rays for better light distribution in the grow room.

The grow box is used to grow veggies and herbs which require heights for increased yields. This is achieved as its height is double its length. Its hydroponics and kits assist in the fast growth of plants in the grow box.

In conclusion, Topolite grows box is among the best grow box that is highly recommended for beginners due to its simplicity, easy to handle, low maintenance, and reviews made by clients. We highly recommend any gardening beginner to buy this grow box and grow with us.

6. BloomGrow Grow Tent Complete Kit

BloomGrow grow box is one of a kind indoor hydroponic grows box that comes with super customer accessories to suit your gardening needs. Its canvas is made of high-quality 600D fabric and a reflective interior surface that reflects the UV warm spectrum rays distributing LED light in the grow room.

BlomGrow grow box measures 24×24×48 inches giving room for growth, the interior is made of a reflective surface that enhances the distribution of the UV rays from the LED light. Its size makes it the best grow box to be used indoors as it is less spacious. Its hydroponic nature is essential in the control of growth conditions in the grow box.

This grow box is used for growing veggies and herbs which doesn’t depend on seasons to grow. Vegetables such as tomatoes can grow well in this grow box since it comes with straps that hold the plants firmly increasing yielding space. This grow box can be used to raise seedlings and cloning of hybrid species of plants.

The BlomGrow grow box comes in different sizes of their models, this main one measures 24×24× 48 inches. Its height is recommendable for the growth of plants with twines for holding onto the straps it comes with.

It has LED lighting with 300watts which produce a warm spectrum of UV rays which is utilized by plants for photosynthesis. The lightning comes with boastful features such as having a reflective inner surface for light reflection and distribution. It also has a timer which is automated with the hydroponics for effective growth without human monitoring. The air pump comes with an inlet and exhaust to balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the grow box.

Accompanying the accessories comes a pair of scissors and wool which is used during planting. There is also a filter that is used to suppress the emission of nitrogenous gases produced during lights-off periods.

In a summary, we can say that it has been considered the best grow box due to its outrageous performance considering its size and the plant population it can handle. It’s simple looks, fewer accessories and a pocket-friendly maintenance cost. All this being said, we highly recommend beginners to go ahead buy it and grow to perfection.


What are the factors a beginner should consider before purchasing a grow box?

To buy the best grow box for beginners one should consider, the price, indoor or outdoor location, the accessories, storage, production cost, and size.

Does food grown in a grow box to have the same nutrients as outdoor-grown foods?

Botanists’ research has shown that produce from grow box is slightly kind of genetically modified due to the additional supply of nutrients and more are grown under LED light, not natural sunlight.

Are the additional nutrients used in hydroponics readily available in the market?

Yes, the additional hydroponic nutrients are readily available in the market as also you can get great discounts on it if you buy it during the purchase of the grow box.

What are the advantages of using a canvas grow box over having a wooden or glass grow box?

The canvas or tent used on the grow box is mainly the 600D fiber that is perforated to aid in the exchange of transpiration gases in and out of the grow box. Also, the interior of the canvas has a reflective surface that reflects light in the grow box enabling proper light distribution.

Apart from 300watts LED lighting, what other light types can be used for effective growth?

Most indoor grow boxes utilize LED lighting though Feliz CFL lighting is also be used on other grow box models providing the right light intensity for optimum plant growth.


Grow box is the current modern gardening technology advancement that has brought about a revolution in farming techniques. To identify a specific grow box as the best remains a difficult task but through the reviews and ratings made on the compiled samples, we have shared with you.

With the rapid population growth, land scarcity has become an issue thus food production has a great demand than its supply. Grow box has offered a solution for this as it’s a whole garden that may yield to sustain a family’s need. Some of the grow boxes are very economical and outstanding as the plants grow without soil on grow plates.

With the feedback response and reviews made, grow boxes are the modern and prolific gardening techniques that should be adopted by any gardening beginner.

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Rose Hawes

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