Best Moisture Meters for Plants 2020

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You have done everything, spent hours nourishing the plants, and now waiting for the beautiful flowering buds to flourish. But one fine morning, when you step out and see your beautiful garden turning into a nightmare. All your efforts have gone into vain. Even though you have given enough sunlight and water to the plants, they die. Yes, It happens sometimes. Caring is not the only factor that gives growth to your plants. You should also check the moisture content present in the soil to thrive in your plants. Soil moisture is a vital aspect that decides the plant’s growth.

Moisture meters are simple and innovative tools that can diagnose the plant roots and soil moisture content. It helps you to decide whether to water your plants or hold back for some time. Excessive watering is terrible because it reduces the oxygen supply for plant roots and even kills the plant. Moisture meters help you identify the moisture levels and maintain perfect conditions for your plant to grow healthy. However, You need not be a skilled gardener to know the moisture levels in the soil. Using the best soil moisture meter, you can know everything about the plant’s condition. To help you, we made a list of the top 10 best moisture meter for plants to help your gardening works. Keep reading to know more:

Best Moisture Meters for Plants

How to Choose the Best Moisture Meter for Plants

To pick the best quality moisture meter for plants, you need to have some basic knowledge about this tool. There are different moisture meters, but choosing the right one always keeps your garden fresh and blooming. Here are the things you need to consider:

Types of Moisture meters

Moisture meters are available in different types and models to fulfil the needs of beginners and professionals. Let’s discuss the types of moisture meters:

  • Analog Meter:

Analog moisture meters are simple, effective, and work by electricity conduction. It doesn’t need any batteries to operate. The naturally occurring electricity conducted in the soil is enough to run this analog meters. The natural electrical current present in the soil transmits into the probe. The moisture levels get analyzed by water levels as water works as a natural conductor of the energy.

  • Digital Meter:

Digital meters use battery power and provide an electromagnetic pulse to sense the soil’s moisture levels. This type of meter are pretty easy to use and gives the readings with accuracy. You can get both necessary and hybrid moisture sensors in this model. You can charge these meters using USB cables or chargers.

  • Hybrids:

Hybrid moisture meters are the simple, innovative most commonly used moisture meters all around the world. They provide exact readings and also comes with a pH meter.

Easy-to-read display and accurate readings

It is an essential feature you need to check before choosing a moisture meter. The display should be visible to understand the results without any trouble.  The numerical readings on display should be large enough for everyone to read. The numbers must be accurate enough to know the moisture levels of the soil correctly. You don’t have to kill your garden because of fake readings. The best moisture meters always provide reliable measurements.


All the gardening tools should be durable and strong enough to withstand heavy pressures and tough climates. The moisture meter must hold up the roughness of soil, depth of the mud and rocky surfaces. The case should be sturdy and stay stable in the soils.


Before buying any kind of plant moisture meter, you should know the purpose of use. Most of the moisture meter models come with extra features like pH monitoring, light exposure monitoring, and moisture level checks.

Temperature and location

The area you are living in, type of gardening and climate are the three things that affect the soil’s moisture levels. Depending on all these conditions, you need to choose a suitable moisture meter that measures the levels accurately. For example, water distributes evenly in soft soils, whereas it spreads unevenly in a pot. The soil compactness, plant root structure, and type decide the moisture distribution. If you know the moisture levels exactly, you can trickle the water to evenly reach all the roots.

Top 10 Best Moisture Meter for Plants

Feeling lazy to go around and choose one from hundreds of moisture meters? No worries! Here are the top ten best moisture meter for plants:

Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter4.8
Dr.meter S10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Hygrometer4.7
Mural Wall Art Soil Moisture Sensor Meter4.8
Yoyo max soil moisture Kit4.9
Kensizer Soil Tester, 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter4.7
Atree Soil Moisture Meter4.8
Longruner Soil Moisture Meter4.7
AM Conservation Group MM071-F Soil Moisture Meter4.8
NicoleNi 3 in 1 Soil Test Kit for Moisture4.6
Ruolan Soil Moisture Meter4.6

1. Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter

Gouevn soil moisture meter is our top recommendation to make your gardening hassle-free. It has a Hygrometric soil sensor to give you accurate readings of the soil respiration. It allows you to maintain optimum moisture in the soil to have a good yield.

What’s in the pack:

The testing soil meter comes with a 7.7inch probe that significantly measures the soil’s moisture to the root system. A single probe sensor gives 1-10  accurate readings based on the soil’s dry to wet conditions. The meter is very compact, highly portable, and has a replacement offer of 18months from the day of purchase. It doesn’t require any battery or charging to run the meter.

Best features:

The meter is highly sensitive, which provides accurate readings of the moisture level. The test works well for both indoor and outdoor farming. The length is quite sufficient to measure the moisture into a deeper level.


Don’t leave the probe in the soil for hours and hours, leading to the loss of sensitivity. Also, avoid using the meter on harsh and rough surfaces.

2. Dr.meter S10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Hygrometer

Dr Meter soil moisture meter works on all types of soil and gives you sensible readings. It is a budget moisture meter that comes to rescue your cherished plants. With the help of soil’s proper moisture levels, you can easily decide the plant type that grows well in your yard or garden.  It comes with easy to read display that shows the readings accurately.

What’s in the pack:

Dr Meter has an eight-inch metal stem to reach the root level and measure the soil breathing. The sensor is highly sensitive to overwatering and under-watering. It gives you detailed guidance to water your plant correctly and nourish the roots. The display unit readings give you the soil’s nature by indicating dry, moist, and wet.

Best features:

The colour indication and scale reading work pretty well to know the moisture levels. The device doesn’t require any battery or electric power. Just by sticking into the ground, you can have the moisture content in the soil.


Clean or wipe the probe after every use. Don’t go for crazy testing by placing the probe in hot water or cold water.

3. Mural Wall Art Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Mural wall art soil moisture meter features a single sensing probe that suits perfectly for efficient gardening. The meter is capable of testing the level of dryness, moisture, and humidity in your soil. For those who love gardening, it is the best tool to thrive on the plant’s growth.

What’s in the pack:

The meter is coated in a light green colour to add grace to your work. The metallic steel is strong and durable to withstand all kind of climates. You have to Plug the sensor in to get the health of your soil. The display is clear and always gives you accurate results. Moreover, the kit offers 12 months replaceable warranty and 60 days money back freedom.

Best features:

The device is lightweight and highly portable. It provides accurate readings to a variety of soils and hence recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. The dial is reliable and suggested for both professionals and newbies.


Insert the probe just above half of its length. Otherwise, the roots get effected by the steel tip. Later wipe the soil with a soft dry tissue or cloth and make it dirt free.

4. Yoyo max soil moisture Kit

Here is a beautiful piece from Yoyo max store to give your garden a long and healthy life.  The soil moisture meter is a 3 in 1 tool capable of measuring moisture content, sunlight, and pH level around your plants.

What’s in the pack:

The test kit uses double-needle detection technology to enhance the power of detecting the soil’s quality, corresponding moisture, level of acidic nature, and even the amount of sunlight that the plants are receiving. Like other models, it relies on electrodes and quickly detects the features by merely switching toggle modes.

Best features:

The product is lightweight and gives accurate results. The double detection technology makes the device efficient for house gardening, rice planting, vegetable planting, and even forest planting.


You need to place the dual probes correctly into the position to get accurate readings. Wait for some time and adjust the probes to make the meter work accurately.

5. Kensizer Soil Tester, 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter

The 3 in 1 Kensizer is a reliable kit to have control over the growth of your plants. The humanized design makes the equipment flexible for both the professional and standard applications. An eight-inch probe length is quite large and best suitable to measure the condition of the soil.

What’s in the pack:

The easily switchable moisture meter can give you accurate readings of moisture levels, sunlight, and the soil’s pH acidity. As the probes feature double detecting technology, you can have quick, accurate data of the soil ground. This meter suits best for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Best features:

Precisely measures the soil nature and gives quick results. The price is affordable, and you don’t have to go out of your budget limit to get it. The meter doesn’t require battery power to work. You should insert the probe 3-4 inches deep into the plant’s soil.


The probes are slightly delicate, so don’t force them on hard soil or rough terrains.

6. Atree Soil Moisture Meter

Atree soil moisture meter features a hygrometer moisture sensor to read the moisture level present in the soil and thereby increase the plant’s health conditions accordingly. It comes with a single probe meter, which is more accurate and precise than the dual probes.

What’s in the pack:

The kit has a single probe made of metallic steel capable of going 2/3 of its total length. This feature checks the moisture levels of the soil deeply. The meter is not battery powered and relies on electrodes. The display comes with three different nodes dry, moist, and wet indications.

Best features:

The rugged design makes the device last for years. The metallic tip is sharp enough to go into deeper and durable to all changes. Moreover, the sensor gives you accurate readings, which makes the device perfect for all the applications.


Since the tip is sharp, hitting on rocky land or rigid surfaces makes the probe break into parts.

7. Longruner Soil Moisture Meter

No more guessings, here is a super cool Longruner moisture meter to help your gardening. It gives you an exact idea of when to water and when to leave your plants alone.  If you live in a place where you experience many seasonal changes, you need to regularly check the soil moisture content to keep your garden healthy.

What’s in the pack:

The lightweight moisture meter is highly affordable and comes with a display reading unit with red, green to blue colours. The 8-inch deep tip quickly read the moisture content and pH precisely to the root level.

Best features:

The tool is user-friendly and affordable for everyone. The Green colour indicates the soil has sufficient moisture, and your garden is healthy. The red colour means your plant is dehydrating, and you need to water immediately. The probe is suitable for both potted and garden plants.


Adjust the probes till the indicator show you a measure in the display. Don’t take the readings immediately. Wait for a few minutes before taking the probe out of the soil.

8. AM Conservation Group MM071-F Soil Moisture Meter

We get excited to work when the tools are extraordinary, right! Here is such a model to add grace to your gardening and find moisture content in the soil. AM conservation soil moisture meter features a frog-shaped crafted display with the regular steel tip probe convenient for both potted and outdoor plants.

What’s in the pack:

The frog-themed moisture meter measures the moisture content of the root system and gives you accurate display readings. Sensitive and precise results help you to eliminate improper watering. The 2.4 ounces weight makes the unit portable and easy to use.

Best features:

The ergonomic construction makes the user enjoy the design and also withstand harsh climates. As the unit doesn’t require extra batteries or charging, you can easily use the kit as soon as you take out of the box.


The sensor is highly sensitive to give accurate results. So use the kit carefully and avoid testing the tool.

9. NicoleNi 3 in 1 Soil Test Kit for Moisture

NicoleNi features an upgraded silver design to make the customer feel more comfortable and cosy. The Nicole soil moisture meter is a reliable tool designed with double-needle technology for quick and accurate results.

What’s in the pack:

The unit comes with a silver build display to add a look to the device, and the display readings can determine the pH value,  moisture, and even sunlight. The plug can reach up to 5 inches deep to have perfect readings. The unit is stable and worth your penny.

Best features:

The sturdy silver design is pretty awesome and makes everyone fall in love with the tool. The display readings are easy to understand and recommended for both interior and exterior plantings.


To have accurate rate readings, you should leave the probes for about 10 minutes in the soil. And after every use, wipes the soil and store it securely.

10. Ruolan Soil Moisture Meter

Ruolan soil moisture kit is the last one on our list, which is budget-friendly and meets all your needs. The sensor is good at tracing the soil’s moisture level and tells you if you need to water your plants.

What’s in the pack:

The sensor is a 3 in 1 soil test, giving accurate results to the level of moisture, amount of sunlight, and even pH acidity. The 4-inch length in the soil can track the moisture level well, displaying the level from red to blue. The unit comes with good packaging and even has a warranty.

Best features:

The design and construction are sturdy to resist all the changes. The product comes at an affordable cost and convenient to use. If adequately used as per the instructions, you will never regret your decision.


The probe is fragile, so carefully plug into the soil and clean them after every use.

Best Moisture Meters for Plants

Frequently asked questions

What is the best moisture meter for plants?

A moisture meter is an innovative tool that is used to check the level of moisture in the soil.  By merely touching the soil’s crust, you cannot determine the moisture content of the soil. We are humans. We just predict the level but cannot give exact values. Here comes the necessity of using human-made gadgets to increase plants’ growth and protect them from external climates. When we look for the best product in the market, there is a bundle of options available. Choosing one among them is a bit difficult task. The above-listed products are verified and give you the best accuracy. Grab the opportunity and pick one that suits your application.

Are moisture meters for plants accurate?

There is no product designed to give you 100% accurate results. Similarly, even though the moisture meters are made up of premium quality material and suitable hydrometric sensors, they provide a 0.01%  error, which is very negligible.

Can I leave moisture meter in the soil?

No, you cannot leave the moisture meter for hours and hours in the soil. Even in the instruction manual, it is instructed to clean the probes after every use and not leave them for more than 10 min. Because of the probes, when placed for long hours, the sensor loses its ability to sense the moisture in the soil, and further, the meter gives inaccurate results for the next time.

How do I test my soil for moisture?

The best and recommended way to test the moisture content of your soil is using a moisture meter. They give you accurate results and tell you the condition of your soil. Thus, preventing you from under-watering and overwatering.

How dry should soil be before watering?

It is estimated that a range of 5  to 12 percent is considered to be optimal. And the readings from 12 to17 are deemed to be moderate moisture, which is quite acceptable. Any reading over 17percent is an indication of extremely dry, and you have to take proper precautions for future moisture buildup.

How do you keep the soil moist but not wet?

The moisture levels in the soil depend upon the type of soil and area you live in. Some soils like clay soil quickly turn dry and whereas Loam soil has adequate moisture Irrespective of climates. You should simply use a moisture meter to know the moisture levels of the soil.  Whatever be the soil, by proper irrigation and maintenance, you can keep the skin moist. As we know, plants remain healthy and phosphorous when they have a fair amount of moisture in the root system. So, we have to strengthen the soil by adding organic matter and make it comfortable for farming and growing healthy plants. By this process, you can make your soil moist but not wet.

What is a bad moisture reading?

When you adjust a tool to measure the reading, give some time to get settled. Thinking that your meter is accurate and taking the results as soon as you place the probe in the soil is meaningless. Most people make this mistake and get the wrong readings that lead to the death of the plants.


We hope this article about the top ten best moisture meters for plants and buying tips will ease your process of shopping. If you require to measure the water levels in your garden soil or check the water content for your flowerbeds, you are going to need this tool Plant needs a lot of care, love, sunlight, water and attention to grow happily. Investing in the right gardening equipment will help you to maintain your garden or yard well. So, don’t waste your time looking around and pick yours right now!

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