8 Best Shovels for Digging 2020

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A garden shovel is a must-have garden tool that should be in every gardener’s tool shed. It’s a handheld tool that is made to suit a gardeners’ demand at a cost worth value for your money. Getting the best shovel for digging remains a puzzle to solve as each gardener boasts about his or her shovel as the best! This is so as different types of shovels have got different points of use thus each is special.

Getting the best garden shovel is a task that we have researched for you by compiling a list from reviews and ratings made on the best online markets. The reviews made by gardeners are overwhelming due to the different factors that contribute to selecting the best garden shovel for digging. Here is a summary of the factors to consider while selecting the best garden shovel for digging.

The Shape and Size of the Shovel

Shovels come in different shapes and sizes. Both the size and shape depend on the gardeners’ needs and smoothness of operations. The length of the shovel assists inefficiency while in use as the gardener does not have backaches and uses less effort for digging. The shape of the blade also matters as they are of different shapes to fit different functions.

Material Used and Assembly

Most of the best garden shovels are made of steel according to the reviews. A stainless steel garden shovel with a welded blade and handle is rated the best for its durability, ease of use, smoothness of operation, and it’s not affected by rust. Other steel garden shovels are not welded but riveted at the handles and the blade.

The other type of garden shovel is made of a wooden and plastic handle with a steel blade. This is considered the best due to their lightweight, cost, and functionality. Mostly they are used in grow boxes or raised seedlings for digging.

The last one is the plastic garden shovel which is the best for gardening beginners of tender age (kids). As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ kids also are given a chance to set up their grow box and start their journey to becoming gardening experts. This also helps in monitoring curious kids who won’t let you dig with peace. This is the best for them as they monkey see, monkey does, and become productive.


Different types of gardening shovels have got different functions, this is mainly determined by the size of the garden, shape of the blade, length of the shaft or rod, and hardness of the ground. Best garden shovels for digging have got a sharp concave blade or spear-shaped as most square-shaped shovels are for digging and soil scooping. Other shovels such as the military ones are used for survival as they are foldable and capable of multi-tasking.


As everybody needs to get value for his or her money, nobody hates a good bargain. It’s for this reason that a gardener will go for the best garden shovel of their choice for a good price. The price at the tag should match with its value for maximum production.

We have listed the best garden shovel for digging according to the reviews and ratings for you.

Best Shovels for Digging

Top 8 Best Shovel for Digging

Fiskars Digging Shovel4.7
Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel4.8
Radius Garden 22411 Root Slayer Mini-Digger Shovel4.9
CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel4.6
Bond Manufacturing LH047 Mini D-Handle Square Head Shovel4.6
Spear Head Gardening Shovel4.9
Z & G D Handle Shovels for Digging Spade Shovel4.5
Martha Stewart MTS-MDS1 Digging Shovel4.5

1. Fiskars Digging Shovel

The Fiskars digging shovel is a 57.5 inches long and 8inches wide steel blade used for digging. The blade is a 14 gauge steel blade welded on the 18 gauge steel rod whose handle provides a more firm grip than wooden handles. Its 57.5 inches long steel rod enables the gardener to work without bending stress and reduces backache pain.

The broad steel blade provides a blunt footrest enabling the garden to step safely driving the blade in the ground. The steel blade is a thick concave steel plate sharpened to ease the operation as less effort is required to step. The sharp blade cuts through the soil breaking clods of soil leaving it aerated with fine texture.

The Fiskars long steel garden shovel is made fully of stainless steel which does not rust and its long-lasting properties. Its handle is mounted on the vertical steel rod or shaft providing a firm grip and less effort to dig. The blade is welded to the steel shaft making it firm and not to topple during digging. Let’s have a look.

Fiskars long steel garden shovel can be used on gardens with soft soils or raised seedbed with much ease and less effort. The shovel can be used on wet grounds due to the stainless steel properties that protect it from rusting.

The garden shovel comes at a reasonable and fair price that a gardener should have in their tool shed. You may purchase this best garden shovel for digging at your nearest store or order online as it comes with free shipping. It’s from such factors and reviews made that have made this to be ranked the best garden shovel for digging. We advise any gardener not to be left behind by purchasing one for simplified digging.

2. Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel

This is an exceptional military standard gardening shovel for digging; it’s a foldable shovel with multiple features as it has a pickaxe, a rugged saw pick on the one side of the blade edge, and metal detector accessories. These features have enabled its multi-tasking capabilities to rank it as the best shovel for digging. Due to its foldability, it’s easy to carry as it comes with a backpack where it’s put with all accessories.

The shovel is made of 2 pounds of carbon steel powder coat which extends to a length of 23 inches and folded to 9 inches long by 6 inches wide to fit in the backpack. Its dimensions are so due to its multitasking capabilities that require a stout shaft. The broad steel wedge-squared blade is sharpened having saw teeth on its sides for tough root cutting and cutting into the soil.

At the back of the steel blade is mounted a pickaxe that is useful in digging hard rocky grounds. To testify all this praise, here is the Rhino USA survival folding shovel.

Its ability to fold has made it easy to assemble and store as it utilizes less space and it’s easy to carry. It’s also light as it weighs 20pounds make it easy to handle.

The shovel can be used to dig both soft and hard-rocky grounds. By using the square-wedged blade the shovel cuts through the soil and eliminates tough roots by the rigged saw tooth edge. It has got a pickaxe folded on its back that is used to dig hard rocky grounds and also metal detection during digging.

Apart from gardening, this shovel is a survival tool kit that any gardener will seek in distress times like during snowing or car stacking on mud. It’s for this that it’s regarded to be of military standards and its toughness.

Its price is worth its value as they are sold by a father and son thus you will have supported family business first then you will take home a tool with a lifetime warranty and expect nothing less. It’s for such merits that we recommend anyone to go ahead and buy this exceptional shovel.

3. Radius Garden 22411 Root Slayer Mini-Digger Shovel

The root slayer mini digger shovel is a one of a kind shovel as its wedge-rigged shaped blade cuts into the soil slaying all the weed or shrub roots efficiently. This shovel is handy and best for digging for its simple features and ease of use. It has a non-latex handle that provides maximum grip and reduces the chances of slipping from hand while in use.

It has got the capabilities of reaching edges and sharp corners with ease make it easy to dig in tight spaces. Its rigged saw-tooth edges clear tough roots and dirt leaving the soil dug and aerated. The tough shaft is attached to the inverted v-blade by riveting providing a firm attachment and better digging.

This shovel is mostly used in gardens where it’s difficult to dig due to less space. Also, it can be used for weeding on small gardens or grow boxes. It’s also an award-winning shovel for is small and compact nature with an unexpected performance. Its compactness makes it easy to carry and apart from gardening, you can go with it on camping trips.

It is readily available at the market at a reasonable price that has satisfaction with the digging results.

4. CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel

The functionality of the CO-Z mini folding shovel is important, of course. With its compact nature, it’s capable of cutting into the soil while its side edge is saw-toothed for slaying roots and breaking soil clods. Its multitasking capabilities of digging, sawing and shoveling make it stand out from the rest.

The shovel is made of an alloy from carbon and steel, this is a feature that enhances the shovel not to rust. This premium material is lightweight 1.8pounds enabling the shovel to be carried along with ease, it also comes with a nylon backpack for carrying it. Without further ado, let’s look at how it looks.

The shovel still has got a pickaxe that can be used for removing stumps and metal detection not to blunt the sharp steel blade. It has a simple assembly that every garden finds it’s easy to fold and carry. Since it’s made of military standards it’s a tough shovel and has no benefit of the doubt by having a lifetime warranty.

The CO-Z portable shovel measures 18.1 x 2 x 5.1 inches (L×W×H) and weighs 1.8pounds.  The handle measures 11.8 inches providing an ample handgrip and avoid unnecessary discomfort during the operation. The thick steel blade is capable of breaking through the gravel and hard grounds leaving soil clods broken and the pickaxe aid in digging rocky hard grounds.

It may also be used to cut thick stems and metal detection to prevent the sharp blade from being blunt. When the shovel is unfolded, its shaft extends to 18.1inches long remaining tough and stout ready to dig. Apart from digging, sawing, shoveling, and scoping; it can also be used for an adventure such as camping as it’s tailor-made to suit survival customs.

Its cost is reasonable and affordable as its all-round features reduce the cost of buying a single unit of a saw, pickaxe, and shovel. Following the reviews made and ratings, we can finally say that the shovel is the best among its class and highly recommend you to buy CO-Z portable shovel. It has got a lifetime warranty.

5. Bond Manufacturing LH047 Mini D-Handle Square Head Shovel

The mini square head shovel is outrageous for its D-handle that provides the perfect grip and comfort during digging. Its square head is sharp to cut through dirt and unreachable corners. It is more efficient in digging and scoping of the soil due to the shape of its rustproof steel blade.

The steel blade and the D-handle are riveted on the shaft to provide a firm attachment and prevent Injuries during operation. Apart from digging and scoping it can also be used in camping adventures and off-road traveling. It’s also the best in scoping farmyard manure to be used in the gardens. Here is how the shovel looks.

Its short shaft reduces the effort distance making it easy to break the soil clods with less effort. The blade has a wide footstep that is curved to prevent blade cuts and provide an ample step.

This shovel is found at local gardening tools stores and can be bought on online markets with no shipment cost. It’s simple and easy to carry along with ease of use.

We highly recommend every gardener to have it and note the difference.

6. Spear Head Gardening Shovel

Its hybrid characteristics of a shovel and a spade make it stand out on its own. The steel blade is mounted to the shaft by 4 screws while the handle is in line with the shaft providing comfort and a firm grip.

Its 58inches long shaft provides the right working posture for the gardener to avoid backaches and ease of usage by providing greater leverage. Its thick sharp steel blade is 9 inches wide providing a wide footstep area reducing the effort required to dig.

The above shovels is an award-winning as it won the ‘ Best of The Best shovels’ award in 2018-2019 by independent reviews on test lab.

It’s great working with it on hard clay grounds as it is excellent in the separation of deep roots from perennial plants. It also digs big and deeper holes than other shovels as its blade is 3.5inches long. Its handle is made of fiber which is proven to be 60% effective than other types of handles. Its positioning is efficient during turning and digging as it provides a firm grip and comfort while using.

The price for this spearhead shovel is relatively cheaper compared to the rest of the other shovels of its class. These shovels can be acquired from gardening tools outlets or placing an order online.

From being an award-winning type of shovel, there is no doubt that this is the best shovel as the votes were gathered from reviews made. It’s for this reason that we highly recommend any gardener intending to buy a shovel to buy it.

7. Z & G D Handle Shovels for Digging Spade Shovel

These shovels are named after the makers of the handle type for these shovels. It has got a short handle and a near-round thick steel blade. The shovel is made of steel giving it the demerit of being heavy. Its shaft is a short 29.6inches long providing the best leverage for its use. The all-metal shovel is prone to rust as it is coated giving it long service life. Below is how the shovel looks.

This shovel is specifically built for digging and also the broad steel blade provides a large surface area for soil scoping in leveling the soil. The handle offers proper grip and eliminates the probability of the gardener having blisters during digging.

The cost for this shovel is affordable and can be found at your local stores or order online for it. It’s for its efficiency and review made that has makes it the best and highly recommended by every seller.

8. Martha Stewart MTS-MDS1 Digging Shovel

The Martha Stewart MTS-MDS1 Digging Shovel is an exceptional shovel for digging as it measures 27.95 x 5.51 x 1.96 inches (L×W×H). Its short shaft reduces the effort distance making it easy to use. With its short length, its thick steel blade has a width of 5.51 inches which provides a wide scoop and an ample footpad for stepping during digging. Its blade cuts into the ground 1.96 inches making it suitable for digging raised bed or already tilled gardens.

This shovel is used on soft grounds as it can’t penetrate deep into the soil for its short length of 1.96inches, it works best on the ready prepared ground or soft grounds. Mostly it’s used to make small holes for planting instead of digging trenches for planting. It’s a multi-purpose shovel that also is used for spreading mulch, roots division of perennials, and transplanting.

It’s mainly used in a small garden and grow box efficiently as it is easy to use on complex garden spots. This shovel comes at an average price and value for it is given back by its capability to multi-task.


What is the standard length for a digging shovel?

There is no standard length for shovels as different shovels have got a different purpose and the gardeners using have different heights. The length should always suit the gardener using so as not to cause backaches and smooth ease of operation.

What size of blade width is required for the best shovel?

The blades width should be wide to provide an ample footrest while stepping on it to penetrate the soil. Broad blades provide a large scoop and dig a wide area.

What type of handle is best for a shovel?

The type of handle is determined by the functionality or use of the shovel. This is mainly determined by the gardener’s choice and taste.

Which blade shape is best suited for digging?

The best blade shape is the one whose shape has got all-round features such as having a pickaxe at and saw-toothed edge for extra functions.

Can a shovel be used to dig a trench?

Yes, a shovel can be used to dig a trench what that matter is the width and depth of digging.

What is the difference between a spade and a shovel?

The main difference between a spade and a shovel is brought about by the size of the blade. Shovels have got a long blade that is angled and some have seen teeth on their edges while spades have got short and flat blades.


In summary, we can say that shovels are great to hand-held tools that are essential in the preparation of gardens by digging. With advancements in modern farming techniques, shovels are used for digging complicated spaces. This handheld tool has come to counter limitations of working in such space such as in grow box and compact edges.

It remains the greatest challenge selecting the best shovel for digging as different shovels are used differently and their purchase depends on the choice and preference of the gardener. It’s through such a compilation of the best shovels for digging that can help a gardener to discern what type of shovel suits best.

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