Best Soil for Succulents 2021

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Succulents may look tough to you and undoubtedly, they are but, why do most people struggle to grow and keep them alive then? The answer is “Soil”. These sturdy but beautiful little plants make your lawn vibrantly colorful and in return asks for the lowest of maintenance and care. Most people love succulents all because they forget to water the plants and this breed is quite comfortable with it.

To make sure a successful first attempt for succulents in your lawn, pay attention to the soil. These plants are way too different than the other ones, while almost every plant requires proper watering and timely maintenance, these succulents prefer to die if watered frequently.

These hard-natured plants belong to the windy and dusty droughted areas of Africa, Central America, the European Alps, South America, and South Africa. Because of their geographical origination, they developed themselves prone to live on a very small amount of water. If you plant one for yourself, keep in mind that they can tolerate the thirst for several weeks or sometimes months but cannot bear excess water all, they get rot easily.

Known with the image of “The camel of the plant world”, succulents have successfully found a place in both the heart and lawn of gardeners. Regardless of the fact that these plants drink water rarely & like to stay away from hydration, their colorful texture is surely an attraction from far distances even. Their appearance looks filling and vibrancy is enough to make you click some extra photos of your lawn, especially where these succulents are spreading their rainbow on land.

All these good things are possible only when you pick the best soil for succulents, otherwise, you might lose these plants every time you try to grow them, and eventually, you may drop the idea to have one in your garden. Don’t worry, we have been dealing with gardening issues for years now, and we know how to choose the best soil for succulents. Let us tell you the technical points before you go and buy soil to grow these beautiful hard heads on your lawn.

Best Soil for Succulents

How to Choose the Best Soil for Succulents

If you have been searching about how to choose the best soil for succulents everywhere on the internet, we are sure that more than 80% of the articles would be suggesting you to make the soil mix at home only. This might sound like a plan to you as well but, as per our experience and other professional gardeners, the mix that we make is made of materials locally available. There is nothing bad in local additions, but they are raised according to the conditions present in that geography only.

Moreover, if you somehow manage to bring the most suitable ingredients for the homemade mix, do you know what percentage of which material will work? And let us tell you, a slight here and there in the mix will make your succulent go rot in no time. We have solid reasons to recommend you, to buy the professionally done mix from the market or online.

Getting back to our line, there is nothing like “best”, what suits your budget and serves you the purpose is best for you, while the product may be a fail for some other person with a different application or budget size. Here we will teach you about the things to take a check before paying for the soil so that you are sure that the soil you are buying for your succulents will make them grow for sure. Let’s start our “take notice” journey, without wasting any more time.

Proper Water Drainage:

The commercial mix makes sure that the excess water drains out quickly and easily. Having a perfect amount of small stones or shall we call it perlite, which may look like white Styrofoam from a distance, helps to make succulent lose water and also gives space to create air pockets in the middle of the soil. So, that the succulent plants can store water in vapor form and suck the small amount of it directly throw the roots whenever required.

Nutrition Blend:

Like every other plant, succulents need enough nutrition value to show growth and sustain in the environment and lawn. Lack of water requirement is surely a distraction for people, making them tend to believe that these plants do not need anything, and they can grow on rocks too. This is not the case as now we clearly know that it’s easier to lose the plant than making it flourish in the garden.

Commercial packs of premix soil are made with poultry grit in them, this provides the overall mixture of soil the perfect amount of nutrition value. Poultry grit is generally used with sand, while the DIY methods may tell you to use the poultry grit directly and no need to use sand at all. This makes the mixture unstable and not appropriate for succulents.

Coarse Sand:

To achieve the best growth, we recommend you to use premix with porous sandy potting soil as succulent plants find this kind of soil easy to find nourishment and stability. Coarse sand acts brilliantly when it comes to drain excess water from the soil, while the other small particle or fine sand may clog the way for water and make the plants overhydrate and die.

Again, for the best results, you must use the commercial premix which got both coarse sand and poultry grit in it.

Top 10 Best Soil for Succulents

Miracle-Gro VB3000551 Mix and Indoor Bundle of Potting Soil
Premium Organic Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix, Fast Draining Pre-Mixed Blend
Sun-Gro Horticulture 410602.Q08P Black Gold Cactus Mix
Hoffman 10404 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix
Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix - Premium Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend
Minimalistic DIY Terrarium Kit – Black & White Fairy Garden Supplies
Espoma CA4 4 -Quart Organic Cactus Material
Moser Lee ML1122 Pearl Stone Soil Cover 5 lb.
Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix 0.33 Cu Ft
Professional Grower Mix Soil Fast Draining Pre-Mix Coarse Blend (2 Quarts)

1. Miracle-Gro VB3000551 Mix and Indoor Bundle of Potting Soil 

Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix and Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food instantly feed all your indoor plants and it can also be used for Edible plants. This contains no compost and has been prepared for a wide range of indoor plants. You can directly apply it to the soil, or you can dilute it with water for use.

You can use this Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food once in a week to get the desired results. The product has this easy-to-water formula that helps the soil to easily get re-wet while feeding for up to 6 months.


  • Able to apply directly to the soil or can mix with water
  • Apply once a week
  • For all indoor and outdoor plants, including edibles


  • No Complaints Yet.

2. Premium Organic Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix, Fast Draining Pre-Mixed Blend 

This product is perfect drainage and water retention for indoor as well as outdoor plants. The soil mix helps to restore the root damage caused by overwatering. This soil mix helps indoor plants by making the soil drain quickly and only retain what the plant needs. It works great for all the houseplants and edible plants too.

The product is professionally prepared to keep your succulents and cactus keep growing and alive. Also, the container comes with a zip lock so you can reseal the pack after every use.


  • The Succulent Cult Organic Soil Mix was formulated to also assist your succulents and cactus
  • This is the only soil we use in our greenhouses when propagating leaves, cuttings, and seeds.
  • Professionally formulated to help succulents and cactus thrive in their container whether kept indoors or outdoors.


  • No Complaints Yet.

3. Sun-Gro Horticulture 410602.Q08P Black Gold Cactus Mix 

Sun-Gro “Black Gold Cactus Mix” is specially blended to suit the requirements of growing plants, you can directly use the product and need no additives also you are not required to dilute it with water. This product is a perfect blend of volcanic pumice, perlite, sand, earthworm castings, and compost and forest humus which satisfy all needs of your plant.

If you have a hobby of gardening and you want your plant to grow better and beautiful every day you must give a try to this product.


  • Specifically blended to suit the unique growing needs of all cactus and succulents
  • No additives are needed
  • This special mixture consists of volcanic pumice, perlite, sand and forest humus


  • No Complaints Yet.

4. Hoffman 10404 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix 

This is a pH-balanced organic cactus and succulent soil mix which is prepared to fulfill the requirements of growing cactus and succulents. This is prepared under the professional guidance so you can use it for both jungle and desert cactus.

The packages come with seal packing so your need to tear off the top then you can reseal the pack after every use. Also, the package comes with all the useful instructions to use the product. If you want your cactus and succulents to grow and live healthily you must give this product a try.


  • Specially designed for cactus
  • Perfect blend of all nutrition values.
  • Smooth texture with rocky crust.


  • Generally Unavailable.

5. Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix – Premium Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend 

This product is a mix of 1/4 Hard Japanese Akadama – 1/4 USA Pumice – 1/4 New Zealand Pine Bark and 1/4 Hyalite. This is ready to use soil mix made from a non-organic mix. The non-organic mix provides optimal drainage, water retention, and proper air to the root of the plants. The Succulent and cactus soil mix comes in a resealable zip packaging.

This product is actually a must use for healthy plants. Also, if you are not fully satisfied with this product there is a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Specifically formulated for Succulent & Cactus
  • Provide optimal drainage, water retention, nutrient uptake and air to the roots
  • 100% happy with this product.


  • No Complaints Yet.

6. Minimalistic DIY Terrarium Kit – Black & White Fairy Garden Supplies 

Now you might be thinking that in the whole article we went explaining like how bad the idea is to work for a DIY soil mix and now, we are recommending you a one. This kit is DIY just by name, the quantities coming in packets are already weighted following the perfect premix formula.

All you need to do is tear up the packets and mix all the content and plant your succulent in it. And yes, do not forget to water the soil for the first time before setting the plant into it. You can buy this product to satisfy the inner curiosity of yours to take control of the mix, however, the brand still takeover on the premix.


  • STYLISH AND MODERN. It’s a perfect, minimalistic, clean kit that will make an accent on your plant
  • White Pebbles (5oz), White Sand (5oz) and Garden Soil (10oz)
  • For your friends and family on weddings, birthdays and other holidays.


  • No Complaints Yet.

7. Espoma CA4 4 -Quart Organic Cactus Material 

This all nature premix comes with revolutionary myco-tone which acts as a phenomenal agent to improve the plant growth. This whole mix is designed to retain moisture and enhance aeration, providing the best environment to the succulent for an unimaginable flourished growth.

While your homemade soil mix holds good chances to twist and turn the roots of cactus / succulent, this soil nourished the roots which promote stability and hence better growth in less time. Perfect for those colorful succulents which may find their need for more nutrition for more radiant and vibrant colors. This soil is available in many sizes, pick what suits you and your gardening needs.


  • All-natural mix enhanced with myco-tone
  • Helps retain moisture and improves aeration
  • Promotes root growth


  • Little messy to handle before planting.

8. Moser Lee ML1122 Pearl Stone Soil Cover 5 lb. 

This soil is specially made for the succulents getting rooted outside in the lawn, so if you are looking for something for your small insider plant, you can skip it to the next product. Dealing in only the bigger needs of giant lawns, Moser Lee has introduced this stone bed cover soil which imparts brilliant stability and uber classy look to your lawn as well.

The soil and mix in the below art will nourish your succulent and restores moisture perfectly, while the stones above take charge to make the plants look like grown on stones. No matter what, this soil is definitely our today’s favorite, and the reasons are endless.


  • Suitable for terrariums, aquariums, and dish gardens.
  • Use in Craft and decorative projects.
  • Pearl stone soil cover


  • Not as white as claimed.

9. Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix 0.33 Cu Ft

Made with all vegetarian compost, this is probably the cleanest and pure vegetarian soil substitute for all your succulent’s growth needs. This soil is designed to promote growth and concentrate there only, expecting stability like other options might disappoint you a little.

We suggest you take this as an option and do not forget to buy some extra white stones for both stability and better looks purposes. The ability to promote the growth of this soil is unmatched and coming from the experienced group Miracle-Gro, ends the discussion in itself.


  • Holds up to 50% more water than basic potting soil
  • Expands up to 3X when water is added and creates up to 90% more air space in native soil
  • Feeds plants for up to 6 months


  • No Complaints Yet.

10. Professional Grower Mix Soil Fast Draining Pre-Mix Coarse Blend (2 Quarts)

As the name is suggesting in itself that this soil mix is professionally designed for the succulent plants laying in your garden, once you throw this mix into them, they will flourish like the way they never did. Gardeners have experienced that after the application of this mix, their succulents actually started to visibly flourish in a few weeks.

This option is both the best and economic for anyone, so if you are serious about gardening and need your succulents to enjoy what nature has decided for them, just buy this product and you are good to go.


  • Organic cactus and succulent soil mix, lightweight, well-draining, pH balance (5.5)
  • Well draining The Next Gardener succulent potting soil helps prevent root rot and overwatering
  • 100% organic and all natural


  • No Complaints Yet.

Best Soil for Succulents


How often should I water my succulents on the lawn?

The perfect frequency to water your succulent plants is around 7 days, you can stretch it to 10 to 14 days sometimes when you are not available but it never recommended to shorten the cycle from 7 days. Moreover, you must plant your succulents over drainage holes, so that if you water them more than required, then the excess water has its way to flow out and not damage the plants.

Note: Make sure you just wet a thick layer of soil and do not put much water in the succulents.

Is every commercial premix soil successful for succulent plants?

Well, as far as we have been using commercial premix soil for our succulents, we have hardly seen any of them failing for us. Many people get confused in buying the right soil for succulents and end up with a dead plant, they need to learn that the type of soil supporting the indoor succulents cannot sustain their efficiency for the lawn plants, there are high chances that you lose it. At such a point, we recommend you to buy the soil which is perfect for both outside and inside succulents. Almost every product that we have mentioned here will play perfectly for you.

My pack of soil says, “for cactus”, is it suitable for succulents as well?

Don’t worry that as cactus and succulents are no different, they belong to the same family and have the same nature and low maintenance behavior. However, succulents look more attractive and colorful than cactus, but their water requirement remains the same. Also, the way people have started treating cactus, as both inside and outside plant, there is not much a difference left. And this goes with the soil too, use the soil for both cactus and other succulent plants, you will fetch brilliant results.

DIY homemade soil is way cheaper than the online one, why should I buy the expensive one?

Undoubtedly, the homemade soil will cost you much less than the commercial ones or those listed above in the Best Soil for Succulents section but, the chances of that DIY soil working perfectly for you are slim. The brands selling those premixes in packets have invested millions of dollars in R&D to find out the perfect balance of air gaps, nutrition value, and drainage spaces. Expecting to crack the formula just by reading an article on the internet is impossible.

Do I need to pest control my succulent plants?

Your succulent is going to stay outside on your lawn all the time, right behind the grass bed, what else can save it from the attack of pests? Obviously, you will find a need to pest control your plant and save it from the insects before they takeover on these vibrant colored giants. However, one dosage of pest control will take care of the plant for a long time, you don’t need to re-do it any early. So, just spray a little pesticide mixed in water to the plant directly and flaunt your clean succulents.


We have tried to convey the finest of our knowledge about picking the best soil for succulents, how to choose, why you need it, and of course our top 10 best soil for succulents. Now you know almost everything about both succulent plants and its soil, as much as we do. If you are still struggling in choosing the right one from the detailed list above, you can write to us in the comment section below. Thanks.

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