5 Best Tillers for Breaking New Ground 2020 Reviews

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Do you want to break hard-pan, till, or weed your garden? Then you are in the right spot as we have selected the best tiller for breaking new ground for you.

Our benchmark is simple; we shall look at the power consumption and output rates, ease of operation with the tiller, ability to multi-task, the storage conditions, and its safety and maintenance conditions.

The rates and reviews made by users about them paves way for a tiller to be ranked the best-selling for breaking new ground. Here is a short but detailed summary of why these features should be considered before deciding on purchasing the best tiller for breaking new ground.

Power consumption and output rates

The best tiller for breaking new ground must be pocket friendly not only for its maintenance purposes but also for its propelling power cost. Most tillers are petrol propelled drive tines while few are electric propelled either having cords or rechargeable batteries.

A gardener needs to put this to consider regarding the size and condition of the garden, most electric operated tillers having power cords and are mostly used on small gardens as the rechargeable battery tillers can do a large garden.

They have got different power consumption as also petrol propelled have got different engines giving different output horsepower for tilling. Tillers producing large power outputs (horsepower) are the best as they have the power to cut through tough roots and break down hard layers of soil.

Garden Size and Topography

The size of the garden and topography (nature of the ground) matters a lot when it comes to selecting the best tiller for breaking new ground. A large garden or a rocky one will require tillers of high power outputs while a small or fine ground may require tillers of fewer power outputs.

Also, the type of soil matters a lot in choosing the right tiller tines. Tines are blades that cut through the soil having different lengths and blade toughness. There are three types of tines:

  • Chisel tines are used in rocky gardens – they are bold chisel-shaped and very sturdy.
  • Slasher tines used for cutting roots – they have got sharp edges for root cutting.
  • Bolo tines for extreme tilling – their spikes give an ample soil texture breaking down to fine particle which provides good soil aeration.

Mode of operation

This feature makes it easy to use if selected wisely according to the needs of the user. Tillers are propelled by drive wheels which are either rotating forward or counter-rotating. The best tiller for breaking new ground should have both forward and counter-rotating tines as during forward tilling it breaks the hard surface and reverses tilling breaks the rocky particles to smooth fine soil.

It’s also during forwarding tilling where weeding is done giving room for plant growth as the competition for nutrients is reduced. Also, tillers can be pulled back or pushed forward depending on the tilling direction of the spines, it depends also on the gardeners’ power to push or pull depending on the condition of the garden.

This factor is important to consider so as not to make long tilling rows or columns to avoid cutting cords during front and back movements.


The size and bulkiness of the tiller also is a factor to consider when purchasing the best breaking new ground tiller. This needs a good storage facility or sheds to increase its service life, good storage should be kept cool, dry, and well-ventilated place away from children. The mode of storage of the tiller helps to reduce unwanted breakdowns and saves money on its maintenance cost.

Safety and Maintenance

As the slogan goes ‘Safety First’, the safety of the operator and the machine comes first. One should work with a tiller free from risk hazards such as electric shocks, unwanted vibrations, smoke, and accident-related injuries.

By practicing daily inspection of the tiller before and after use gives the gardener ample time maintaining the tiller at reduced costs. Cases related to most injuries and breakdowns are attributed to poor maintenance of the tiller.

Pricing and payment conditions

Everybody needs to find value for money therefore the product should be worth the price. A tiller that will provide for your needs at no extra cost and no one would hate a good bargain at its excellent price. Modes of payment also are a concern as to how it can be purchased either online or selected stores or currencies accepted for transacting.

In case of shipment, what are the costs incurred and the shipment period should be kept in mind as it depends on where you are from the market. Certain online shopping bays provide free shipment making them the best savers!

Best Tillers for Breaking New Ground

Top 5 Best Tillers for Breaking New Ground

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator4.9
Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator4.9
Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Tiller Cultivator4.7
Yard Butler Twist Tiller Heavy Duty Manual4.8
Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller4.7

1. Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Earthwise TC70001 corded electric tiller is an exceptional electric tiller for multiple reasons. It has great output power, consumes less power, sturdy tines, easy to operate, easy to dismantle and assemble, not bulky and maneuverable and it’s planet-friendly thus safe for operations and pocket friendly.

This is considered the best tiller for breaking new ground from its great looks to its performance. It is easy to assemble and of lightweight, the wheels and spines and electric cord. Here it is, see it for yourself!

As you can see operating this tiller is easier and simplified by having the controls well mounted to the handle.

  • Power consumption and output ratings

This is one the factors that have made this tiller to have most reviews and rated best, it has got a powerful 8.5-Amp electric motor that propels the wheels and spins the spines leaving the garden clear and well-tilled for less power consumption. It’s corded thus it works while plugged into a power source and it can be switched on and off by the press button on the controls making it efficient.

The output power is great as the four spines cut through the ground leaving weeds cut and the soil with fine particles ready for planting.

  • Garden Size and Topography

Earthwise TC70001 is a corded electric tiller ideal for tilling small and medium-sized gardens. With its four slasher tines, the tiller can cut through the roots of weeds and till the garden at the same time.

This can best till for breaking new ground as the spacing between tines can till up to 11inches wide and the spines can go 8inches deep. This suggests that it can be used on loamy soils which is a mixture of hard mixed soils that provide ample growth.

  • Mode of operation

This tiller is outstanding when it comes to smoothness of operation due to its lightweight and easy to maneuver. It also has got cord retention hooks that enable the gardener not to be obstructed by it or cut it during the back and forth movements.

Less effort is required to move it due to its lightweight and drive wheels when getting to and from work. Handling of its speed and tilling is made easier having the controls at the handle.

  • Storage

Since Earthwise TC70001 is a corded electric tiller it needs to be stored in an electrical store or garage free from dust, liquid spillage, cool and dry place away from reach of children. It is recommended that electrical components be covered as they are affected by moisture and dust.

  • Safety and Maintenance

It’s considered the most eco-friendly tiller since it does not use petrol fuel which pollutes the environment by emitting fumes of toxic gases. It has got safety features such as the power cord hooks to prevent stepping or cutting the cords while moving or operating.

Coming to its maintenance it is pocket friendly as it does not require regular maintenance. Cleaning after work, routine inspection of electrical parts and components gives it long service life.

  • Pricing

Despite being regarded as the best tiller for breaking new ground, Earthwise TC70001 doesn’t overcharge its clients. You can get the Earthwise TC70001 corded electric tiller for a reasonable price and have value for your money as reflected on its output. The package comes with a 2-year warranty which acts as a surety for your money and the product is safe.

In summary Earthwise TC70001 corded electric tiller has got all the features for the best tiller for breaking new ground you will ever find. The tiller is simple with safety features that we would recommend anyone gardening to go ahead and buy this corded electric tiller.

2. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ603E is an electric 12-Amp 16inches tiller which stands out by its sturdy appearance to be among the best tiller for breaking new ground. By its powerful output drive from consumption of 12-Amp and its six angled spines which are 16inches wide, gives Sun Joe TJ603E the greatest advantage over other tillers.

Its Bolo tines provide extreme tilling by clearing weeds and tilling the ground to a depth of 8inches providing better particles with good soil aeration.  Due to its wideness and power it has, it can clear a medium-sized garden of 50 by 50 area for a few minutes and less energy is required to push due to its lightweight.

Below is the stunning Sun Joe TJ603E 16inches 12-Amp electric tiller, have a look!

  • Power Consumption and Output Ratings

Sun Joe TJ603E is a 12-Amp corded motor-driven tiller whose output leaves the gardener satisfied with the value for his or her money. It’s quite advantageous as it uses less power of 12-Amps to till a medium-sized garden bearing in mind it consumes 120 volts thus safe for use.

This groundbreaking tiller comes with an extension cord which enables the tiller to maneuver longer back and forth.

  • Garden Size and Topography

With its six resilient Bolo tines, it can till to a depth of 8 inches giving better soil aeration as air and soil are well incorporated. These Bolo tines are spaced in a way that the soil particles can’t clog between them tilling 16 inches wide.

Its broad and depth tillage makes it the best tiller for breaking new ground as it can work well on wet soil and hard rocky gardens. This till is used mostly by medium-sized gardeners as it has an extension cord that can move a longer length.

  • Mode of operation

When it comes to mode of operation, Sun Joe TJ603E electric tiller is superb! It’s a 12-Amp super powerful new ground tiller than leaves no weeds erected on the garden leaving it with fine soil texture due to its extensive tilling.

This garden tiller is a monster in action as it cuts through the ground with its tines rotating at a speed of 340 rpm. This is attributed to the drive power it has which smoothens the operation. The safety switch and the instant start are mounted on the handles ease operating as it starts instantly and switches off by releasing the safety switch.

Its collapsible handles and wheels having three different wheel adjustment positions make it possible for easy movement. One might adjust the wheels and handles to suit the need.

  • Storage

Due to its collapsible handles, Son Joe TJ603E minimizes the storage space as it’s also easy to assemble and disassemble. Since it has got electrical components it should be stored in a cool dry place away from reach of children and liquid spillages.

Before storing, ensure to clean it and secure the cord by hooking to their hooks and put the plug cover.

  • Safety and Maintenance

This tiller stands out to be safe and fit for operations as it utilizes less current of 12Amps and a voltage of 120volts. The location of the instant start and safety switches provide a safe working environment as they are mounted on the handles.

It is safe using Son Joe TJ603E garden tiller as it is eco-friendly for it doesn’t emit toxic gases produced by smoke. The maintenance cost is minimal as it does not use gas, fuel, or oil. Routine inspections before and after use add service life as it also has got long hours to run before servicing.

  • Pricing

Everyone loves a good bargain for a greater value in return, thus having the Son Joe TJ603E 12-Amp 16inch tiller at a reasonable price won’t disappoint. These come with a two year warranty period which assures the quality of the product.

To conclude, Son Joe TJ603E 12-Amp 16inch tiller is the most searched and highly rated due to its power, price, and fewer maintenance costs incurred in comparison to its output.

We would highly recommend it to anyone and thank me later.

3. Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Tiller Cultivator

The Earthquake 31635 MC33 mini tiller is an all-round best tiller for breaking new ground without a doubt. The mini tiller has got among the most powerful engines the 2-cycle 33cc Viper engine.

Its overhand control acts as dumpers which minimize vibrations enabling the gardener to control the mini tiller swiftly. Its multitasking capabilities have increased the reviews as it does the weeding part, tilling the new ground and aerating the soil.

As they say ‘seeing is believing’, here is it.

As you have seen this tiller looks and surely is simple in appearance but tough in productivity.

  • Fuel Consumption and Output Ratings

The 33cc 2-cycle Viper engine is one that utilizes less fuel among its class. This is so as it has got gears which aid in propelling its tines in operation. Its output is overwhelming especially on raised gardens as its wheels are quite low which seems to be the only shortcoming.

The ratings and reviews made on it give the satisfaction that their outputs are awesome.

  • Garden Size and Topography

Due to its engine propelled property, this mini tiller is mobile and free to maneuver on large-sized gardens. Its slasher tines are mainly used for slashing weed roots and breaking huge soil clamps.

The topography to be used on is mainly raised beds or gardens due to its small-sized wheels and the slasher tines. It is highly recommended for seedbed preparations or on losing ground.

It’s highly advantageous on large beds or soft ground gardens due to the power and speed which can be altered.

  • Mode Of Operation

Earthquake 31635 MC33 mini tillers provide the best row to row weeding and tilling. This is attributed to the fact that its overhand controls are tailor-made to reduce shocks and vibrations from the running engine.

This reduces the chances of uprooting plants rather than weeds as the operator is stable to work in-between the rows. The acceleration handle is mounted on the right-hand side to aid in controlling its speed while the wheels make it easy to move from the storage to the garden.

The 33cc 2-cycle viper engine uses petrol for propulsion and thus it should be operated on ventilated areas free from fire. Its adjustable wheels as you may change their position on mount large wheels when working on flat ground.

  • Storage

Since it is cinch in assembling, adjusting, and dismantling, the mini tiller is easy to store as it requires less space if disassembled. Due to its choking hazard, it should be kept in a well-ventilated room free from the reach of children and fire.

  • Safety and Maintenance

The mini tiller has got safety features which make it a product of choice to many and increase in reviews. One of the safety measures is the positioning of the accelerator pedal on the right hand of the overhand to maneuver and control its speed.

Caution should be taken to avoid operating near flames or smoking while operating or been in close range to avoid explosion or burning due to petrol fumes.

Its maintenance should be carried out timely without delay to prolong its service time. By maintaining the mini tiller the gardener avoids risk hazards. Its servicing includes replacement of filters, cleaning, or replacing the spark plugs, and draining of used engine oil.

  • Pricing

The pricing of this mini tiller is welcoming though the costs of its maintenance are a bit high. Its spare parts are readily available at discounted prices with free shipping oversees.

Apart from free shipment, this bundle of joy comes with a 5-year warrant to ascertain the customer it’s a quality product. We highly recommend you go ahead and buy this awesome tiller.

4. Yard Butler Twist Tiller Heavy Duty Manual

A yard butler twist tiller stands out to be the most simple but magnificent manually operated tiller. Its multi-tasking ability to loosen, turning, tilling, and aerating the soil gives the garden a fine texture to grow plants.

It’s made of a 12inch wide handle, a steel rod 38inches long, a stepping plate, and 3pairs of inverted v-shaped tines. It’s mainly used on raised beds or gardens and flower boxes. Its ergonomic feature makes it to have high ratings as its eco-friendly. Let us now see what a Yard butler twist tiller looks like.

The 38inch tall T-rod is made as such to enable the gardener not to strain while working with the inverted v-shaped tines for loosening the soil.

  • Operation Cost and Output ratings

The yard butler tiller operates manually by stepping one foot on the footplate and lifting it using the handles after loosening the soil. It is the gardener’s strength used to provide power for using it therefore, the gardener is advised to have a healthy meal more of carbohydrates.

The output for this tiller is great such that it doesn’t have many conditions for operation. Here its where it beats all the rest to win the title of the best tiller for breaking new ground.

  • Garden Size and Topography

Since it is manually operated through human power, this tiller works well on a small garden or raised beds perfectly. The soil type should be soft and loose to use less force stepping on the plate and not to have muscle aches.

  • Mode of Operation

It has got an ergonomic as it does not use fuel and oil boosting the eco-system. Its mode of operation is simple, just hold the handles firmly than your favorable active foot on the plate the step with force.

By lifting the tines from the ground by using handles you will remove the loosened soil and till the garden.

  • Storage

It is easy to store tiller as it does not even require dismantling. The tiller should be placed in a cool and dry place away from children. If possible place the tiller horizontally to prevent falling and cause damage.

Keep it away from water and moisture that causes rust and also covering the tines to prevent piercing.

  • Safety and Maintenance

Yard butler tiller is among the safest handheld tiller that has got minimal operation accidents and risk hazards. By maintaining the handles if broken or replacing a tine which takes time to break and repainting the T-rod is the basic maintenance for the yard butler.

Ensure to wear protective gear such as gloves and boots while handling the yard butler.

  • Pricing

This tiller is relatively cheaper compared to the other tillers which use electricity, gas, or fuel for operations. It comes in handy with a 5year warranty and free shipment, its price is friendly and ready for use.

We would like to recommend this tiller highly to every gardener so that it may stand out to be a counter to the failures of the rest.

5. Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller

Earthquake 20015 versa front tine tiller is a powerful machine as it has a 99cc 4-cycle viper engine which is rated among the best of viper engines. It’s a multi-tasking tiller as it removes weeds, tills the garden, and aerates the soil. This tiller has got a recoil starter which is easy to kick and start working.

The mounting of the engine is lowered to increase stability during front tilling operations and the outer tines are manually removed and placed back without the use of tools. Here is a clear copy of what we are saying.

The wheels make it easier to maneuver and can turn easily smoothening operations.

  • Fuel Consumption and Output Ratings

The Earthquake 20015 versa front tine tiller is a 99cc 4-cycle viper engine propelled which is regarded as the most powerful in its class. This tiller consumes a little more fuel as it’s a 4-cycle engine.

Its power output is high raising its reviews and ratings as it’s a preferable choice by many large-sized gardeners. It has got such a high power that the outer tines are removed for it to be a cultivator.

  • Garden size and Topography

This beast can be used in large gardens due to its flexibility, stability, and power. It can work well on both hard and soft grounds as its tine are tough for this. It incorporates soil textures hence can work on hard loamy soils.

  • Mode of Operation

It’s a front tiller with the engine lowered to lower its center of gravity and increase stability and also turning without toppling over. It has got the throttle mounted on the hand grids which is efficient in controlling the speed of the tiller.

On soft or previously tilled gardens, this tiller works best as less fuel throttle is required making the operations fast. Having the outer tines placed its regarded as a tiller while if the outer tines are removed it becomes a cultivator.

  • Storage

As easy as it is removing the outer tines manually without the use of any tool suggests that this tiller can be assembled and disassembled with ease. This implies that it requires less space for storage. The storage room should be well ventilated, cool, and dry away from the reach of children.

  • Safety and Maintenance

One of the greatest safety measures for this tiller is its stability, this helps a lot during turning and prevents it from bouncing during front tilling operations. It also got a hazard choke to cut off the engine power in case of something.

The throttle position makes it safe for speed control while a recoil starter prevents kids from operating as it doesn’t have an instant starter. Its maintenance is costly as after a given duration it is due for service which requires replacement of filters, plugs, and engine oil change.

Routine inspections before and after using the tiller help to reduce the maintenance cost and service at the right times.

  • Pricing

With its ratings and reviews, one is tempted not to look at the price tag but land your hands on it as the owner. Value for your money is a guarantee and it comes with better discounts on spares with free shipping.

To conclude this tiller is among the best in operation though they cost high the production is great and appealing. We thereby recommend highly go ahead and buy the Earthquake 20015 versa front tine tiller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Tillers for Breaking New Ground

What Tiller is the best for breaking new ground between Electric tillers and gas/fuel tillers?

Both electric and gas/fuel have got their own merits and demerits but the choice of getting one depends on the choice and preference of the gardener. Also the size of land and its condition are the greatest factors for getting the best till though both of them are suitable for use.

What are the advantages of electric tillers over gas/fuel ones?

Due to their low power consumption, maintenance cost and egronomic conditions gives electric tillers a greater advantage over the gas/fuel tillers.

What are the advantages of gas/fuel powered tillers over the electric ones?

Gas powered tillers have got an advantage of not being attached to a power source thus their mobility is their greatest advantage.

What discounts do I get after purchasing tillers?

Tillers spare parts such as extra nuts and bolts are given on purchase at discounted prices especially for exports.

What are the advantages of having a rechargeable tiller over a corded tiller?

The greatest advantage of having a tiller with rechargeable battery is that it’s not attached to a power source thus it is mobile and can till for greater lengths.


As innovations are made in the agricultural industry over the years, farming machines have changed the whole perspective making it easier than before. This has phased out some of the tillers used and new technology has been implied to them giving the best out of it. Today it is difficult for one to make a decision on what garden tillers are best. Reviews and recommendations on matters such as power consumption, safety, and maintenance procedures should be implied fast. This article provides some of the contributions to that prosperity.

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